Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good News

Yesterday I saw the surgeon who did my total knee replacement almost 2 and a half years ago. First on the docket was to thank him heartily for my new right knee. It has been a complete success. Next up was dealing with what was causing the pain and weakness in my left knee. I have spent a lot of time worrying about having to face another knee replacement surgery and that is a daunting sword to have hanging over my head. As usual, with me, I do worry about things which aren't worth a moment of my precious time! It seems I have a tear in the meniscus and an ACL tear but they are not serious enough to do anything about and have been there a long time. I also have a sac of water on the back of the knee - again, not a serious thing. So, with a new med in my hand and a cortisone shot to the knee, I was out the door and feeling much better. It is OK to exercise now as long as I do no twisting lateral moves and we will just check in on things every year or so!

Just having to share the good news, I found LM and got a warm hug and sweet smiles of happiness. I love the fact that we still get all blushy and share longing looks when we see each other. We seem to fall in love anew each time. Enough gushing....

Next, I was on to celebrate with daughter, Sara and little Samantha.

Samantha loved the talking zebra I found for her in Saratoga and we had a great time at a little local restaurant with a fireplace that was perfect for the very chilly evening. Poor Sara seems so tired these. She has just recovered from a kidney infection, a move to a new house and many sleepless nights as Samantha is teething. It is toddler syndrome and will pass, but right now she needs a break. It is heartening to know that she and Richie seem to be doing well and their new place is better than where they had been living. Despite it all, Sara is mothering with loving dedication and I am proud of her. She has come a long way and overcome many steep challenges.
After I got home last night....a full moon lighting the sky, I found myself laughing crazily at Ms. G. She was running around the house, all fur blown up, back arched,head tilted, hopping sideways and growling. It was hysterical....and try as I might, I could not get a photo. This went on for about an hour. She would hop out from behind doors at me and just wanted to play. Very funny little critter. Perhaps she was celebrating my good news, too!

Next up....3 days of dog sitting for my boss, yet again! LM and I plan some relaxing time, long walks and taking our friend, Bob, out for dinner to celebrate his birthday.

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Carol said...

I am glad your knee is not a severe problem. I had a torn meniscus repaired, it was so nice for the pain to just go away..