Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scenes from a Lovely Day

Dad was just walking out his door when I arrived to pick him up for the short ride to Sam and Trish's and he had a great smile as he ably made his way to the car. He was happy to know we would see his friend, Bob the cat, too.

Trish's beautifully set tableNephew, Nate (center) entertained us with his drums while we finished preparing dinner!
Sam carves the turkey
Dad graces the head of the tableBob takes a nap while we enjoy our turkey....this boy knows how to relax!
It was really a lovely day, and after dinner, Trish, the daughters of our other guests, and I, walked two miles to Cohasset's Black Rock Beach. It was a fairly warm day and very nice to walk off the meal....I was doubly grateful for the lack of pain in my knee. Wonderful to be out in the air! After dessert (Dad ate 3!), I brought him home and then headed back to the Cape. We shared some nice moments and the meal was delicious!! As I said good-bye to Dad, he hugged and kissed me and said "You are a wonderful daughter." Another moment of deep gratitude for his presence.

If I sound less than enthusiastic, it is because I have not been feeling well for 3 days...hard to explain but it started with an episode of cramping in my legs, arms and hips overnight Wed night. I didn't sleep at all, as I could not lay down without the cramping causing a lot of pain. I was up walking the floor most of the night. It is accompanied by an uneasy stomach. I so hoped to have sleep on Thursday night but the condition was even worse as soon as I tried to sleep. Yesterday was sort of a lost day although I did go out to 6 thrift shops at local churches....stocked up on books and found a little Christmas present for Kristi....the rest of the day was knitting and just feeling pretty low. I finally slept with no cramping last night but today I feel weak and my stomach is still rocky. The cramping is a problem which occurs once in awhile but this was the worst episode ever. I take supplements to keep my potassium, magnesium and calcium levels where they should be, I stretch but I have no idea what makes this happen.
Oh well....

My son and his wife will give birth on Monday morning via c-section. I am going to be with them. It will be at 7:30 am. Very excited to meet my new grandchild!!

LM is back from N and we will get together later today and stay at my boss's with the dogs tonight. Nothing very exciting right now except the impending baby!!

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One Woman's Journey said...

sounds like a great family time.
take care and I hope the cramping goes away and never returns.