Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Best wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving Day to everyone. I am most grateful to my readers and for all the kind words you send my way.

This year, my company has initiated a plan to raise funds for the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund which does so much to help those in need. The Cape appears to be wealthy but there are many, many people here who live well below the poverty line, and with the severe economic downturn we are experiencing, the need is greater than ever. This week we sent letters to our client list and many with whom we have done business in the past, as well as some some of our vendors.
The company is going to match the funds donated to the Needy Fund. Today's mail brought in the first check....$5000.00!!! We are just so thrilled and humble about being able to make a difference. Today my boss and I looked at that check and then each other and realized we both had tears in our eyes. This is only the beginning!! We are profoundly grateful!

There are so many other reasons for deep gratitude today:
  • LM's continued recovery from near death last February, and the love which continues to grow between us.
  • My beautiful children and grandchildren who light the way of my everyday
  • My Dad still thriving at 96 and his buoyant spirit
  • My incredible bothers and sisters
  • My job
  • My health
  • Good friends from so many places
  • Ms G!!
  • The beauty around me

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