Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm back after a lovely trip to Saratoga on the weekend. I drove out with my co-worker, Deb, who has a niece there. I spent 2 days with my friend, Nan, who is such good company and, as always, wherever she lives, creates a beautiful and welcoming space, iside and out.
We caught up on our lives and shared some nice meals, and even though it rained on Saturday, pre-empting our plans to walk a lot, we went shopping, where I finally found the new winter coat I needed very much, and Nan scored some great pants at a fun vintage/consignment shop. After a little soup at "The Bread Basket," which overlooks Congress Park in Saratoga, we went to see "The Secret Life of Bees." The movie was so true to the book which we both had thoroughly enjoyed a few years ago, so it was very touching to now share the movie and a few tears over its touching moments. It was fun to chat about our usual things....cats, food, work, love, life, etc....the things which make our friendship such a gift. Also, two nights of great sleep were a gift, away from the chores at home which are always calling my name
It was really heartening to see Nan and her slightly LARGE and dear feline friend, SeaRay, settling in to her new area, even though, I know she really misses Cape Cod, and I miss having her here very much. It seems to have been a good move and being closer to her Dad will yield its rewards in the long run. As you can see, SeaRay certainly lives a life of luxury!
Nan took me to meet Deb at noon on Sunday and we began the tripback to Cape Cod on a brilliantly beautiful afternoon. Ww took a scenic route through the hills of NY state just east of the Hudson River and near VT. Deb made a point of taking me to see the historic village of Round Lake, NY, which was once a Camp Meeting (a religious summer campground many of which were scattered around the country years ago). The village is on the National Historic Register and was Deb's home for many years. There are many tiny and interesting Gothic cottages, and the original meeting hall houses the world's largest pipe organ. I managed to get these two photos of a charming octagonal cottage. Many of the cottages are painted in bright colors and have lots of gingerbread.
From there we kept moving east through some very rural areas toward our next destination, which was a stop to visit Deb's sister-in-law who is a shut-in due to a life long degenerative nerve disease. She is such an inspiration with her gentle and bright spirit and we found her crocheting with one of her beautiful white cats on her lap. She welcomed us warmly and we shared a great conversation.
As we were preparing to leave she called my attention to a beautifully framed wedding certificate on the wall above her chair. It commemorated the marriage of her maternal grandparents and to my amazement her grandmother's last name is the same as mine....quite a startling moment for all of us and we are now working on tracing a bit of the heritage as it seems we may be distant relatives.
The rest of the trip back was beautifully lit by the setting sun, the backlight causing the deep rust colored oak leaves to glow. A sunset view from our fast moving car on the MA turnpike!
Yesterday morning saw me dealing with a flat tire and also going back to the dentist for another procedure and I have not felt well at all since then....today is a holiday for me and as much as I really need to rest and recover, I am up very early to go to Hyannis for 4 new tires on my car. LM will meet me there to assist in the process. If I feel well enough afterward, I will take Kristi with me to visit my Dad. Otherwise, I am coming home and sleep. My mouth is so painful that I just want to cry. I have reached the end of my patience with surgical recovery, not being able to eat anything but mush and just feeling low. Tomorrow will be a new day with a better outlook...

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One Woman's Journey said...

A wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing. I know you are happy to be home. Sending healing thoughts you way.