Thursday, January 30, 2014


Yep, the refrain is all too familiar these days. I am still at home, coughing and recovering. This has taken a long time. Each day there is progress; way too slow if you ask  me, but who am I in all this?  I do admit to some teary moments of loneliness and frustration but am not being hard on myself, as I have been very sick for 38 days!  I miss being with LM and MS G and just being out and about. Monday I WILL be back to work and keep right on going to claim my life back.

Thank you everyone for your caring notes, etc. Your kindness and encouragement mean the world to me. In a stupor, as I was waking from a nap on Tues, I spilled some water near my laptop and killed the keyboard....a new computer is in my future but for now I am ever so grateful for nice neighbors who gave me a new keyboard to plug in and use in the meantime.  "You get What You Need When you Want it"....floated through my mind at that moment. 

My dear friend, Kittie, just sent me a sweet note with concern and also mention of Pete Seeger.  I wanted to let anyone interested know that this week, with all my FREE time, I watched an incredible documentary. I just happened to find it on Netflix on the day Pete's death was announced. I was enthralled.  "Greenwich Village: Music that Defined a Generation" had me in tears and even doing a bit of fist pumping and talking to the computer out loud.  Those were "my" people, and I am so happy I grew up in that era and became immersed in the love of folk music.  I loved seeing photos of Broadside Magazine.....I subscribed to it for so many years. BE SURE TO WATCH THE VERY LAST SCENE!  I gasped and burst in to tears.  That's all I'll say. I'm also a huge Arlo Guthrie fan and his interviews in the movie are very good.  Saw him perform live fairly recently and he's still got the goods, and then some. Also Richie Havens...gone now but it was great to see him in the movie. Richard and Mimi Farina sang their very profound message, as well.

Not only did I love everything Pete stood for, his music and his manner, but he lived all his life in the seat of my paternal American roots. My great grandfather and grandfather were born in Beacon NY and lived next door in Fishkill, right on the Hudson River. I know why Pete loved it so much.

I leave you with gentle Pete asked me to was always his message.


Judy said...

Pneumonia is nothing to sneeze at!!! You probably still have some in the lower lobes of your lungs--as an X-ray would show, if you were to get one. Glad you are feeling better--you should be all right by the time we thaw out--in June!!! I did like the folk music, even though I wasn't into the anti-war stuff. God Bless--hope this weekend is better. Hope the 8 inches of snow coming our way on Saturday, by-passes you and the 13-19 inches of snow predicted for next Wednesday, goes no where near you.

Sharon said...

I have been following your recovery and wanted to say please continue to be gentle with yourself. My husband contracted a particularly virulent strain of pneumonia in July 2009 that landed him in the ICU for six days. He was determined to come home and get back to work...but once home it was all he could do to dress, eat, and move to the couch to nap for the next three and a half weeks. He went back to work for a Thurs and Fri and then rested all weekend. It was a good two months before he really felt better. It was only after he was better that we learned how sick he was and how dangerous pneumonia can be. Take all the time you need to heal ~ the rest of the world will be here when you're better.

Thanks for the heads up on the documentary. Pete Seeger was very special.

Wisewebwoman said...

This lung stuff is savage as we age, extra precautions a lot more rest and patience. I recently lost a friend to ignored pneumonia.

Lovely documentary, I checked prices on Amazon, gone sky high due to his death and Netflix costs too much in downloading costs (I'm on a hub, unfortunately).


Balisha said...

I have a new blog address....please visit so I know that it's working.

Retired English Teacher said...

I'm glad you are better. I'm worried about you. Don't rush things. Rest.

I'll look for this documentary.