Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Plot Thickens

Much worse today, and I have had to succumb to a visit to the doctor. Son, Jason, is coming to cart me off. I hated to call him to drive all the way out here, but LM is in Vermont on business, and it would not be wise of me to drive, as the coughing is quite serious.  I continue to be amazed at the tenacity of this flu.  I have been so healthy, and to get this sick is frustrating. I guess this is a particularly strong strain.

My spirits are strong, and I will get through this....thank you for all the kind thoughts.

Wishing this not to affect any of you!!!
Love to you all.


Judy said...

Oh My Gosh, Marcia!! Didn't you get a flu shot? I hear the H1N1 is rampant this year. I hope the doc can help and you don't have to go to hospital. Please be safe and take care--stay warm and don't even think of going outside to shovel snow!!!

Retired English Teacher said...

Oh dear. I am so sorry. Let us know what you found out at the doctor's office. Do take care of yourself. This stuff is nothing to mess around with.

Balisha said...

I may have had the same strain last Feb. It lasted until after my March birthday. I finally had to go to the Dr. for antibiotics. I don't like taking them, but sometimes you just have no choice. The cough lasted longer than that. Hopefully yours won't last that long. Good that you went to the Dr.
Keep warm and keep hydrated....Balisha