Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snowy Owl Follow-Up

Our Cape Cod Times newspaper has a little piece about the owls we saw on Sunday. Thought you might like to see the real thing:

I have some slight progress with healing but after visiting my doctor yesterday, I am still advised not to go to work. My bosses have been so kind and concerned but I know my absence is not easy. I may try a half day on Friday and then we have Martin Luther King day making it a long weekend with more rest time.

Today is gorgeous here....50 with no wind, clear skies. I am aiming to take a short walk around noon.

Wishing you sunny skies and good health this day!

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Judy said...

Really pretty birds, aren't they? I used to collect Owl things. Glad you are doing better--nice to know that you are missed at work and that they cannot get along without you!