Friday, January 24, 2014


Ms G knows how to find warmth, and this picture from a past warm sunny day, brought me right back to how warm her fur was as I buried my face in her tummy to give her some love.  Thought I would trot out this oldie as we are at 9 degrees this morning.  I don't mind at all, really, as I am just so happy to step outside on my way to work, take a deep breath of cold air and feel so much better.  The cough persists but it has taken on an easier form.
Yesterday was just wonderful and all felt right with the world as I walked in to happy hugs and welcomes. I made it through the whole day and plowed through hundreds of e-mails and other projects. 

I know this harsh weather is very hard for so many and I hope everyone in your worlds is safe and warm.
Love to all.....It's Downton Abbey night for LM and moi.   mmmmmmmmm!

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Judy said...

so glad for you!!! I might try the tummy face burying--I think Buddy would let me, but Maggie? I'd come out of it with bitten ears and scratched face, I am sure!