Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Yes, I'm here, still coughing so much and wishing my friend pneumonia would leave but it is on his terms not mine. Returned to work last Thursday and Friday then spent the weekend in the house coughing and resting. My lungs are trying to clear but it is a slow process. Not sleeping due to coughing is wearing and I may work 1/2 day today in order to get more rest. It has been healing in a way to go in and organize my desk and the 100's of e-mails, as well as catch up on all the little things needing to be done. Relieved my mind. There is an exhaustion with this plague that I have never known. Gravity at work, pulling me down most insistently.

LM had a birthday Sunday and we had a quiet celebration here with just "us."  We ordered two 2 lb cooked lobsters from the fish market  next door and  they were scrumptious.   A most lovely birthday celebration.

Mourning, Peter Seeger this morning and celebrating the impact he had on so many lives and the world. May we all go forth and set the fine examples he gave us to follow. His music is playing softly as I type. I heard a wonderful interview with his grandson this morning, and he seems to have Pete's voice. What we need more of in this world. Pete changed my life in so many ways, not mention the joy in his songs and voice. He caused us all to sing his refrains.

Love to all......


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Hoping you heal soon.
Oh my
I love
also any kind of seafood
and sure not available
near me :(

Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for visiting me, another Pete fan. Lobster. Love.

Here, many Newfoundlanders wound up in Massachusetts and to this day refer to the area as "the Boston States."


Judy said...

You have Lobster all the time, it seems. I haven't in years and it is my favorite seafood. I wasn't much into the Protest songs (or movement)--too busy with 3 little kids and quite content in my world, but I liked his music. When I heard Pete Seeger, I thought they meant Bob Seeger for a minute. I like his music too.

Kittie Howard said...

Here's hoping you're feeling better soonest, my friend. Rest as much as you can! Umm, perhaps another lobster feast to celebrate when you've kicked that nasty pneumonia. ~~ I felt a pang when I learned Pete Seeger had passed. Although I knew he was up there in years, he somehow seemed much, much younger, as if forever with us. I know he is with his music . . . still, his passing saddened me. I hope his music lingers in our country's ears. Otherwise, all's quiet here . . . weird weather and more weird weather . . . umm, how can so many be in denial about climate change? Sometimes I feel like I'm in a Grade Z movie, what with so much stupid stuff here and there. But, to a furry, warmer topic, Ms. G napping in your previous post brought a bright smile. What a dame! :)))