Saturday, January 18, 2014


Slogging along toward recovery here. Pneumonia is certainly a mighty foe, and reminds me quite adamantly when to back-off. I'm still very exhausted, coughing heavily off and on, and having side effects from prednisone withdrawal - upper abdomen /chest pain, racing heart, headache, and numbness.  There is improvement today, though, and I got up, showered, ate some oatmeal and ironed several items before collapsing back into my chair.

Yesterday morning, my dear friend, Lynne, did a distance reiki session with me, and it was such a gift of release, relaxation and obvious healing....we will do several more sessions. I am so blessed to have her loving gift to help me through this.

Last night I had another invaluable gift -  LM's company for the whole evening. He brought over some light dinner, and we watched a movie followed by the 2 hour season premier of Downton GOOD.  We were both in tears at points and were just raving about the delicious writing.

So this will be another day in the house.  Tomorrow I am going to LM's house for the day. We will watch the Patriots vs Broncos game and share a meal, and I am sure hoping for some kitty love from Ms G.  It's tough cajoling her away from LM's lap, but maybe a fleece blanket will help.

LM brought me some photo he took West Dennis Beach he saw this lovely  great blue heron taking in the day from the marsh

Ms G tilting her head to take in the flag whipping around in the wind.
 This is one of the snowy owls perched on the life guard chair. Not a good shot as LM was afraid to get much closer for fear he would take off.  There was a huge crowd of birders around, too.
 The owls remain there today and LM says you'd think there was a Hollywood celebrity hanging around.  Lots of fancy cameras and telescopes angling for close-ups of these avian celebrities. I recommended he carry around a pocket full of mice!!


Balisha said...

Good morning Kitty,
Your post sounds a bit more positive today. Glad you are going to get out tomorrow. We are in the middle of a snow storm and the cooped up feeling is setting in for my just home from the hospital husband. Winter is such a dreary time for those who don't feel good. We will be watching the game too...roast chicken for dinner.
Take care and get lots of rest,

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks Balisha,
Your dinner sounds so nice and I do hope your husband is feeling better quickly.
I'm getting there but must be so careful not to rush it.
Always so nice when you check-in.....

Marsha from Massachusetts said...

Pneumonia, be careful & take it slow! I had it once & was never so sick so fast. 1 week in the hospital & 1 month of house arrest. Listen to your body & when it tells you to rest, REST! I love your photographs.

Judy said...

A pocketful of mice? Ms. Graysea might like that snack too?