Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hootenany.....Cape Cod Style

What fun our local press is having with all the owl news....and actually their presence is livening up January which is dead quiet here on Cape Cod.
I woke this morning feeling happy a fairly energized, coughing a little, but feeling stronger.  The plan was for me to spend the day with LM and Ms G, and by 8:30, I was on my way.  Being out in fresh air felt so good. We caught up, Ms G did her usual milling around LM and hunkering down in his lap with her back to me, and after awhile, my dear sister, Margaret, called me from Canada and we had the most wonderful time talking about all sorts of things for over 2 hours.  She doing much more talking and I doing much coughing and finally I had to go as my coughing was out of control and was making me feel very stressed and short of breath. I could talk to any one of my sisters forever it seems. Meanwhile, daughter, Anne, was trying madly to reach me as she was working on acquiring tickets for our flights to Eleuthera in March, and I was unable to talk.  We finally got that sorted out and LM said we had to take a ride to the beach to see the owls....cameras and binoculars in hand, we were out the door. During the course of the morning the winds had really been intensifying and were now blowing between 30-40 mph and when we arrived at the beach the air was so heavy with blowing sand that visibility was really low.
 The normally calm sound was roaring!
 Against our better judgement we drove down the beach to see where the birders had set up. It was pretty surprising to see a large number of people out on the front beach in the area of the lifeguard chair where the owls had been yesterday.  These people are hard core. We were not going to walk out there, especially this sick one. We are assuming that there were some owls present.
Thought you would find the attached blog post written by our local newspaper photographer of interest. I love the photo of the owl yawning!!  He found a nice observation post on one of the many osprey nests, currently unoccupied by its owner.

After a stop to gather some food for a  meal, we were on our way back to LM's house and I was really ready for some cuddling with Ms G and she finally relented.  We had several hours of quiet, pats and purrs.
 Note the nice layer of fur on my laptop....her original intent was to sleep directly on the keyboard!

Cough, cough, cough....tomorrow WILL be a better day.


Judy said...

I'll bet you sound just like a Beagle Dog when you cough? Loved the newspaper article--thanks for enclosing the link. Ah--more Polar air headed

Retired English Teacher said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Mrs. G knows where the really warm places are! Keep taking care of yourself.