Monday, January 13, 2014

The Lure of the Snowy Owl

Slowly, ever so slowly, I am feeling better.  The cough is deeply embedded and seems to activate the moment I begin to talk, but I feel stronger.
Since the onset of the flu, I have found immediate relief and sense of health when I put my head outside and breathed in clear cool air and it was my goal to spend some time outside yesterday, as it was a beautiful day with a nice SW wind.  On Saturday, LM had spotted a snowy owl at his favorite beach. (found the photo below on line, as neither of us have a sophisticated camera)
The beauty was just sitting on a mound of sand in the marsh, and attracting its very own flock of birders.  You can bet I was chomping at the bit to see this sight. So after a fashion, yesterday, I ventured out to drive to LM's house to visit Ms G, and cajole, LM to taking a little walk with me, as I just had to move and be outside for awhile, and before I knew it, we were at the beach.  As we drove down the mile long strand we were able to spot two snowy owls and get good views with binoculars.  The array of birders and their huge telescopes and cameras was amazing. For some reason, this year we have a very large number of snowies wintering over along our coastline. 
After all that excitement we parked at the end of the beach and were off for a walk through some high marsh and then back along the waterline. It was just perfect and I felt strong enough, on LM's arm to be out for about 30 minutes of gentle walking, breathing deeply, and savoring my source of all healing.
come along on our little walk-
These scrub pines seem to thrive in winter, and we stood by this little stand and closed our eyes to listen to the song. They really do sing in the wind, and their song brought tears to my eyes as I listened yesterday.

 The low growth is marsh heather
 Bass River low tide
 The way back took us right along the beach - only available at low tide

 The view at our feet was as interesting as all the others.

 We were surprised to see a lot of oysters
 Nature's designs
 We made our way along the jetty that leads to the mouth of the river where it meets Nantucket Sound
 We got to a point where we could climb up on to jetty and head back to the car.
 I love these winter colors - the grass was leaning in the wind
It was the perfect temperature and amount of time to be out, and after another stop to look at the owls we were back to LM's house where I tried unsuccessfully to lure Ms G to cuddle for a bit while I took a little nap. She was too busy plying LM with her charms, though. Oh well, she did allow me to share her presence.  

Renewed, and after a little dinner, I was on my way home.
Thanks for all your wishes. 


Marsha from Massachusetts said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Judy said...

I love the name of the first commenter--Marsha from Massachusetts--just like you. Glad you got out and if you didn't have a coughing fit when you came back into the warm house, it means you really are getting rid of the pneumonia buggie that has had you. So glad!!

Algernon Grayson said...

Nice photo collection & Thank You grow my knowledge.

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