Friday, November 16, 2012

Note to Self

Continue to feed your soul with color and creativity, the company of other creative souls, and be open to new experiences at any given time.

My friend, and kindred soul, Donna, invited me to a poetry reading last night.  It was dark and cold after work, and I could easily have retreated to my warm and comfy cave, but I accepted her invitation, made the drive, and had the most delightful time. There were about 30 people present, many of whom, including Donna, read their work, and the guest reader was a beautiful, talented and hip poet from Boston, Nicole Terez Dutton.   She made me laugh and made me cry, and took us on some world travels with her words. Also, last night, I met a woman that I have not seen since the late 1970's!  We knew each other immediately, and I was thrilled to hear her read some of her great poetry. Sheila and I had been active in starting a group for newly single people when I'd first moved to Cape Cod.
I was immersed for 3 hours in the wonder of words, amidst some truly amazing talent from my own back yard.

Note to self - take the step out the door! 

In other news:
We continue to have a vigil with Kristi's Mom, Ellen. She is currently in a rehab facility, receiving radiation and chemo as a palliative solution for advanced cancer.  Tomorrow, Kristi and I will visit her, and we will also work on organizing Kristi's life a bit by getting some clothes from her house. She is currently living with her Dad, LM, and Ms G, as she cannot live alone.  It is day to day and there is a lot to do, but so far we are coping as new responsibilities have shifted our focus. . Tomorrow Kristi and I will also be dropping off 3 quilts to the professional quilting service.  I think Kristi will enjoy seeing how my quilts are finished. 

Happy weekend, and love to all!


linda eller said...

It always seems when you force yourself to do something, that it turns out to be the best time ever. Glad your evening was one of those. Have a nice weekend.

judemiller1 said...

A good lesson from you to me!