Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Photos from the Past Month

Kristi and her Dad - the day her mother went to the hospital and also the day that she broke her ankle. We attended a tribute dinner for a 50+ yr friend of LM's that night and poor Kristi looked so stressed.

At the tribute dinner - our friend, Mary to the right.
Looking a little happier, Kristi sitting by a beautiful hillside of bittersweet on the day after Thanksgiving.
Our beautiful Samantha came to visit just after Thanksgiving when we had a little birthday dinner for her Mom, Sara.
Sara and Samantha
Teddy about to enter a winter wonderland display in Hyannis. He was so excited.
Teddy 4th birthday "Construction site" birthday cake - made by his Mum and Dad!
The birthday boy in all his glory.
Ogling the gifts!
Sheer excitement.
Alison's Christmas village display in their transom windows.

We are still holding watch with Kristi's mother, and also awaiting a biopsy for son, Jason (12/28).  This is a very busy time of year and we are trying to pace ourselves as we want there to be a joyous Christmas, even as we face the challenges of serious health issues for some loved ones. 
LM and I managed to have 24 hrs of blissful time alone last weekend, and we are very grateful for that time as there is not much of it ahead. 
Our problems are truly insignificant compared to the losses those in Newtown, CT are facing. We've been left so shaken by the magnitude of this tragedy. 

This weekend I will be house sitting, finishing wrapping, baking, and looking forward to the magic, joy and love that is having Teddy, Samantha and my children together for Christmas.
Oh, and one more photo of my beloved fisherman - still out there on winter days catching striped bass on a fly rod (and throwing them back  It's how he keeps his sanity.

Wishing all of my dear blog readers and family a beautiful Christmas and lots of love!


Retired English Teacher said...

Wonderful photos. I love the last one of your fisherman! I'm also happy to hear that the two of you had a wonderful weekend together.

Merry Christmas!

judemiller1 said...

Glad you found at least 24 hours together. Merry Christmas Dear One.