Monday, December 3, 2012

Guessing Game

Can you guess what this is????

....and, speaking of guessing games, we still await whatever will happen with Kristi's Mom. She is in complete denial of her condition, and has told the nursing home that she is going home tomorrow.  She cannot walk and/or barely move by herself. Calls for help to Elder Services and the nursing home social worker remain unanswered and we wait.  It is all very hard and taking a toll.

On the weekend I was house sitting for my boss's dogs, and in between times to let them out, feed them, etc, we went to Ellen's house and I dug in to some cleaning again as her sister is coming from WY and plans to stay there beginning next Monday.  We made somewhat of a dent in the awful mess, and Kristi cleared a path to her bed and we put on clean sheets so that she can stay with her aunt for some of the time.
I can feel LM cracking under the strain of all this, and Ellen still remains steadfast about not preparing a will or even paying her current household bills. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass and the main focus is on doing what I can to relieve LM.  Yesterday I took Kristi with me all day and she played with the dogs and we did all of her Dad's laundry to save him the work.
 Today is the first day that I feel this situation cracking my armor of compassion.  I've a health issue with my son to worry about, too, and it is making me very tired and distracted.  Oh, well.  Coming in to this very busy season of parties (so many of them are inescapable) adds to the pressure.

On the bright side, today is a gloriously warm and sunny day and I went to the beach at lunch and watched the crows play in the sunshine and listened to the waves as I turned my face to the sun.  I am planning on there being residuals from that hour of peace!

Love to all.


Anonymous said...

My Guess is that MS G drank so much milk she turned into milk and this is what's left of her!! If left there long enough, she will turn gray....

Sorry to hear about Ellen. I will tell you that when Bob's mom was dying of cancer we couldn't find anyplace to take her because she was "Terminal". We were so angry. Finally, after a long search, we did find one who would take her for a determined amount of time. She died before we would of had to move her. It is a hard task and one that puts a lot of stress on everyone. Hopefully her sister can talk some sense into her to sign papers.

Sorry to hear about your brother. I hope is problems don't last long.

Naughty Barney caught a female cardinal and brought her in the hall and started ripping out her feathers. Madison found him. What a mess he made. Bad Boy Barney!!!

I hope things ease up for you and LM for a bit. I'm praying for you and everyonce envolved....((Hugs)) ...debbie

linda eller said...

Sorry things are piling on you and you are stressed. I have been right where you are, and trying to help sometimes puts a burden we didnt expect, on us. Hoping things work out soon and you can relax a little.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks Linda and Debbie....I am home and better tonight. We will get through this and I am grateful that we got some help today from the unexpected source of Meg. She is an angel and one tough cookie!

Retired English Teacher said...

You take care of yourself. You really do have a lot on your plate right now. I hope your son is ok. Is there no one who can get through to this woman???? I would guess that her mind is very confused by illness, substances (?), and stubbornness. Some people just can't get past making life miserable for others even when others are trying to help them.

Really, don't take too much on. I don't you to get sick.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks, Sally. Today is a better day although we wait anxiously to see if Ellen will try to arrange leaving the nursing home against orders. I am calmer today. There are so many issues surrounding Kristi that make this so very complicated.

Julie said...

Is Kristi Ellen's only child? Are John and the other daughter of LM's Ellen's as well?
I'm sorry if they aren't being as helpful or maybe they just can't be.
With prayer, a positive attitude, and the right support system you will do just fine.


Best to your son as well. I'm sorry he is having health issues.
Tough time of year.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Julie....Kristi is LM's oldest and only child by a brief first marriage to Ellen. Meg and John are from his second marriage.
A developmentally disabled child is a huge responsibility and we are fortunate that Kristi is able to do quite a few things for herself, yet, she really cannot be left alone and needs lot of supervision and protection. We love her so much and it is painful to see her fretful and stressed during this time, with no real way to express it.
Thanks for your nice note.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Marcia, take care of yourself.
You are a very giving and compassionate person.
I wonder
what would they do without you?
So lucky they are..

Ahmad Abbas Zainol said...

i wish the best for you..