Monday, October 29, 2012

Dark Dawn

A very windy night with some strong gusts but this is nothing yet, compared to what will happen as the storm moves in. The darkness lasted so long this morning and as I went about  making breakfast and getting ready for work, branches were crashing against the house. There are many huge oaks in the yard and they throw branches easily. Otherwise, the house is very sturdy.

I am at work for awhile just to help with a few storm-related issues. So many of our projects are very close to the ocean and in danger.

I will post storm progress as the day goes on, as long as power holds out. So far so good.

This is one of our process of restoration. It is right by the ocean so we hope it stays in place. Since these photos were taken, it has been chained in place, but these winds are so strong. 

LM and Ms G have battened down their hatches and she has taken up residence on a nest of fleece.We are very worried about LM losing the roof on his house, as it is so old and badly in need of replacing. Maybe Sandy will hasten a new roof.

Everyone else be safe, too.


judemiller1 said...

Hang on tight!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiuful home being restored. I can imagine how uptight the owners must be. I hope you hurry and get home!and I hope LM's roof stayes on! That would be hideous if it blew off! All his books would get wet and he'd have a fit, and everything else for that matter and Ms. G would have a tramatic experience. I'll pray the roof makes it through!! Stay safe please. Crawl under the bed, or hop in the tub...debbie