Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

The beginning of sunset as we approached Provincetown during a little getaway with LM on Saturday.  Blustery winds!  We stopped in N. Truro to delver a little gift to friends, and our goal was to see the Chistmas lights at the Provincetown Monument come on, alas we missed the lighting by a split second. Nonetheless it seemed we had the normally bustling town to ourselves as we drove around admiring the beauty.  It was hard to keep our eyes down as the sky, clouds, moon and very slowly departing sun, created such magically mysterious effects.
 Fire shoots into the clouds from the sunset.
 The beautiful Provincetown Town Hall as seen through my very dirty windshield!
 My wonderful chauffeur found just the right vantage point to photograph the monument and we were amazed by the spectral effect from the clouds.  My grandparents brought us to P-Town every year in the summer and we had such fun climbing to the top of the monument to admire the spectacular views over Cape Cod.

 Another......we parked here and walked in to the town to have an early dinner at cozy and fun Napi's.
 Before dinner we had driven out on to MacMillan Wharf - not a soul around.  I love the glow of the sunset at the base of the monument. 
 The moon attempts to light up one of the piers at the end of the wharf.

As we drove off the wharf and into town, we were welcomed by this display of lighted lobster pots - a P-Town tradition and a salute to the town's heritage and industry.
It was a lovely Christmas interlude and we were so grateful to mother nature for putting on such a lovely show as a backdrop for the beauty of one of our favorite places.

We are off to spend Christmas Eve with Jason and family. I hear that Tedy is counting down the minutes until we all arrive. Really, he only wants to see Lou "Woo" and Samantha but he'll get Nana and Sara, too.

Tomorrow we will have a quiet day and dinner with LM's children at his house.

Very proud of my brother Sam's sons, Danny and Nate today. Danny designed and engineered the "Follow Santa" program on Google's home page today. Santa is very busy.  Nate is in Belgium competing in a cyclocross world event, representing the USA.  An amazing experience.

Merry Christmas with lots of love! 


linda eller said...

Thank you for the tour of beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas with your family.

judemiller1 said...

Beautiful. So glad you and Lou got to be together!!! Merry Christmas.