Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Report/My Crazy Fisherman

Left work about 9:30 am. Drove down to the beach, many branches down. reporters struggling to stand up at the lighthouse parking lot. I have some photos as I got out of the car for a quick second and took a few shots.  Winds have really picked up.  Still have power.  Our fish pier is going under water as we near high tide. The storm really isn't even here yet!  Most of our work sites have been secored as well as possible.  One house is right in the path of the major storm surge we are expecting.

The only thing I am truly worried about is that LM is at an ocean creek fishing!  He is so crazy.  Because it is a rising tide, there are many striped bass in the creek making for really "fun" and rewarding fishing. No matter how much I have pleaded, he refuses to go home.  Poor Ms G is alone and it is too risky for me to dare drive over there. GRRRRRRRRRR.  He claims he has fished in major storms all his life and that he will be take is that he is already being extremely careless to be out of his car in hurricane winds standing on the edge of a rushing river!  If he dies he dies doing what he loves. Nothing I can do.  There are several others fishing with him and the police have been by several times asking them to leave. They leave and go right back when the police leave.

Meanwhile, I am sewing and watching the coverage of the storm.

Thanks for all the nice comments and concerns. 


Beverly said...

stay safe....

Anonymous said...

LM!!! Good Grief Man!! Get your butt back in the house!! He's acting like a naughty teen....shame on him!! and for what??? a fish?? I'm glad your sate at home sewing!! We have rain and wind and it's cold. 37 out there...burrrrr...debbie stay safe.