Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Our Christmas was so special in so many ways, but one of my highlights was finally giving my love, LM, his quilt!!  Mr fish loves it and says when he brought it home, Ms, G parked herself on it immediately to try it out.
The body of the quilt is made up of batik fish fabric, the first border is cats dancing to music, the large border represents the water, and finally a border of fabric representing sea grass where the best fish hide.

Morse photos later.....hope everyone is filled with the peace and joy of this special time of year. Love to all.

PS. Debbie - there is even a donkey on the back, oh, and a picture of Ms G, too. 


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what a wonderful quilt!! Love the material!! and I bet the donkey and ms G on the back gave it a special tough!! You've been a busy woman!! Ms G must smell your hard working hands on the quilt and finds it very comforting!! Kristi's quilt is prettty too. I bet she loved it....debbie Happy New Year Kitty!!