Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last night I was over in Orleans to do some errands and came out of the store into a blizzard and gale force winds. Really had a crazy drive back to my boss's house for my last night this month with the dogs. The wind howled all night and today the snow and high winds continued. That is Spring on Cape Cod. It may warm up by July 4th.

So my happy feeling continues and the excitement about my trip is building. Now that I am back to my house I can focus on my packing. There are countless times during the day that I come across things I want to share with Dad and that feels like walking smack dab into a stonewall, I try to turn the sadness of being unable to share, into gratitude for all the years I had to share Dad's razor sharp mind and curiosity. I am pushing away any of the guilty feelings which crop up and just enjoying relief from the constant stress and planning which made up my life for so many years. Dad would not want me to be doing anything but having a full happy life.

Tonight I visited LM and Ms G.....she was dangerously close to running out of her favorite treats. The love affair is blossoming there, as she is finally making her self more visible and sitting on LM's lap purring loudly. I can tell he is really enjoying her visit. Of course, she did not show her cute little self while I was there. Looks like I remain on her list of traitors!

Each morning I have been receiving e-mail "Kitty Grams" which reveal her overnight activities. LM is so cute about sending them as he knows how much I miss her. We are both wondering how we will get through 8 days with no communication at all. Hard to fathom, but I think it will be a good thing and such fun to be together again.


Anne said...

There is always Double D's Seaside Internet Cafe.......a treat you will never forget!

Anonymous said...

we need a nice close up of Ms GraySea! Hope you have a blast on your trip!...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

I will work on getting a close up of the little darling....she is having the time of her life with LM. He keeps calling me with reports of how loving she is. I will be staying with them tomorrow night (we have to leave for the airport at 3:45 am!). Let's see if she gives me the royal snub again.
I know the trip will be heaven. Anytime I can be with my daughter is perfect.
Happy Spring to you!