Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Lull

There is little or no news to report on Dad. He remains at his safe harbor and we are all just praying for him to be comfortable and calm, prayers which appear to be answered.
Yesterday, Bob the cat worked his magic. Trish toted his beautiful self in to Harbor House and he had another 15 minutes of fame as he was greeted like royalty. He stayed on Dad's bed for a time and Trish lovingly placed Dad's hand on him for a time. Dad seemed to acknowledge their presence and was awake enough to drink some water. Many of the other HH residents were thrilled to have a cat around.
The weather is very cold and bleak, and seems to fit the times. There is a numbness which has fallen over me. LM is deep in some grief of his own and says he is dealing by just retreating for awhile, yet he is assuring me that everything will be fine. I realize his pain is very raw right now and Bob's death has rekindled his grief of losing Lillian to breast cancer. At least he could voice this to me. There is no way anyone can truly understand. I must trust.

Going to work puts a sense of normalcy on things for me, but yesterday was a terrible push until about mid-morning. Many dear friends are praying and sending me peace, and it lifted my spirits immeasurably. My co-worker, and dear friend, Nancy, is truly a kindred spirit and throughout the day she comes by my desk and gives me a hug, something to laugh about or something to work on which helps to distract. She has lots of fun cat things in her office and one is a small black and white toy cat which meows. She came and placed him in my hands and said I needed to keep him close for now. Little things, BIG LOVE. E-mail filled with encouragement and powerful thoughts has been sustaining me, as well as daily phone calls and flowers.
Yesterday morning the heralds of Spring were calling to me......the red-winged blackbirds are back and their calls were filling the air despite the rugged cold. HOPE.

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