Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Safe Harbor

Yesterday afternoon Dad was moved to Harbor House Nursing Facility. At first it seemed very disturbing to know he was moved, and despite terrible roads, some blizzard conditions and being very tired, I left work and made the two hour drive to see for myself that Dad was in a suitable place. From the second I walked in the front door, it felt right and "safe harbor" came to mind. There was a warm greeting from the receptionist, and it is very beautiful, quiet and clean. Dad was in a deep sleep and was not struggling as he had been when I saw him on Sunday.

Brother Sam came in to the room shortly after I arrived. He had been with nurses signing some papers. We talked for a few minutes and he was on his way home. I sat quietly and held Dad's hand, again talking softly to him. His nurse for the evening came in. She was very kind and sat with me for a bit asking questions about Dad's life. Everything about Harbor House felt right to me at this time.

The drive home was very long as it was snowing so hard. It was all worth it as I slowly made my way, frequently checking in with LM to let him know my progress.

I'm exhausted and not my best this morning.
This limbo creates a loneliness I never knew possible. Tears from a depth unfathomed.
The focus must remain on Dad, though.....so I will do what he would do and get myself ready for work and do what must be done.

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One Woman's Journey said...

continuing thoughts and prayers sent your way. Rest when possible.