Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reflection & Respite

The aftermath of Dad's death, and the ensuing funeral, have left my body and mind and spirit in shock. I'm so tired that I have been unable to work, hopefully, I will return tomorrow.
The celebration of Dad's life was amazing, the day was beautiful, the number of people who came to pay their respects was such a tribute to his life and our family. The services were so lovely and all the words spoken were so touching.
Siblings at Sam's after the funeral.
The party continued on Saturday evening and I love this photo. Brother, Sam is telling a story about my Dad and the smiles and laughter were so contageous.

Sam carried Bob around and we all had a lovely pat just before heading home.
Sunday, was a day to say good-bye to those family members who had come so far to celebrate Dad's life. Daughter, Anne was last to leave but couldn't go without a stop at the Canal for a breath of Cape Cod air in her favorite place. It was so lovely to have my dear daughter near. Her leaving is only eased by the fact that I will be with her again next week. We will be spending a week together at the house she and her husband own on Eleuthera in the Bahamas. I think the warmth and her company will help to heal me.
Grief is a strange place, I am so tired that I can hardly move, staring into space, crying, and having times of happy memories. My goal right now is to get my physical self restored by resting as much as I can. Later I will deal with the other aspects of this journey.
Kindness and love have surrounded me both in my daily life and from my on-line friends and I am so very grateful. LM was incredibly loving, supportive and helpful.
It is almost Spring!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely family you have. I laughed at Bob lounging in Sam's arms. This week alone will give you time to do a little grieving and then you can bounce back in the Bahamas. There you and your daughter can laugh and smile at the memories you will talk about. That will be good therapy for you both...and yes! spring is springing! It was 74 today and just beautiful. I spent most of the day outside playing with Reilly, my other grand daughter...debbie

Beverly said...

I know how the death of a parent can affect you. It is the saddest time, something we have to do, but no matter how prepared we are, it hurts.

Take care of yourself. Listen to your body and heart. Next week should help, spending time with your daughter. Will continue thinking about you....

One Woman's Journey said...

Everything that Beverly shared I will say also.
Take care of yourself and enjoy the time with your daughter.
Peaceful thoughts being sent your way.