Friday, March 20, 2009

Ms G is about to be Captured

Graysea is very intuitive and she knows that mischief is afoot. Her carrier has been removed from hiding and is in my bathroom, and various other things are out of the order she likes. Suspenseful music should be playing here. The dear girl has not ventured into my bathroom (one of her favorite places), since the carrier was placed there last night. She was spotted sniffing the air near the door and creeping around on her tummy with a suspicious look, but not one tiny paw has ventured over the threshold into the room where the carrier sits. It is her arch enemy as it signals a ride in the car!
Sometime today, LM is going to arrive (I will be at work) and he is going to attempt to gather her up and get her in to the carrier (this is a monumental feat). There is only one chance at catching her. The idea is to sneak up on her while she is sleeping, gather her tightly in your arms and take her quickly to the carrier. If one is unsuccessful on the first try, she hides in places where she cannot be retrieved. She is going to his house for a practice run, as, beginning next Saturday, she will stay with her dear LM for over a week while I am basking in warmth and sunshine on Eleuthera. I will miss her terribly but know she will be in very loving hands.
Stay tuned for further news of the capture. Today also launches another 5 days with my doggie friends. They have been visited by Barkbusters and I have a new routine to observe in their care. 'Twill be an interesting time. I'll also be visiting Ms G and LM OFTEN. I am going to miss them both very much!


Julie said...

I love this story, it is a reminder of my oldest cat that we had to put down in October. He use to spread all his paws out so that the vet would have to unscrew the carrier just to get him out. (getting him in is a whole other story!)
The vet was so nice she came to the house to put him to sleep as she knew the car ride would be tramatic and we didn't want that to be his last memory. Enjoy the dogs, enjoy LM, and give Ms. Graysea a big kiss.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm lucky with Ernie. I get the carrier out and leave it on a back bedroom bed for a few days and I can get him easily and put him in. Of course once he's in he starts yowling immediately and doesn't shut up until we're home. For him it means going to the vets.
That's the only time he goes anywhere. At 13, he likes staying home and sunning himself in a warm sunny window. Hope LM has good luck right off the bat! lol...debbie

One Woman's Journey said...

Good luck with the cat. I have never had one. I can tell how you love this pet. Enjoy your trip to the sunshine and ocean.

Jessica Umg said...

It looks like you are listening to Melody Gardot! I love her. Her song "Who will comfort me" is the jam. Haha. Its on itunes right now if you're interested.