Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Will we be visited by Earl??? & The Newlyweds

Hurricane Earl is a pretty ominous presence as it makes its way toward Cape Cod, and other places, too. I confess to feeling very unsettled and having been awake since 2 am with anxiety that refused to be calmed despite my best attempts at meditational breathing. Maybe it is having lived through quite a few serious hurricanes in my life. I am not sure. In 1954, at age 11, I watched as our farm was devastated by hurricane Carol. Our street was impassable for many weeks due to fallen trees, tops gone off large chicken houses, and some of the houses blown down, and no electricity for what seemed like forever. I can remember the journey to visit a friend a half mile away...we climbed over the trunks of huge fallen pines. There were many other storms through the years, and I was living on the Cape when Bob hit in 1991. The memories of the acres of huge boats smashed onto land, long time without power, and the tree loss are still so fresh. Earl is even bigger! On Friday I plan to get myself to LM's and hide out with my love and Ms G. At work, there is a hustle going on to secure our many building sites, especially those in the early stages of construction. We also do Home Watch and security for many of our completed homes and those must all be secured, too. There is even talk of evacuation from the Cape. We shall see. It's all up to mother nature. I do love a good storm, but........mother nature is in control so I better let go. Now as I try to calm my own, I need to get ready for work and another day of calming the nerves of others. To all of you near this path, take care!

The honeymooners have returned!!
Jeff and Laurie are back from their glorious honeymoon aboard the cruise ship, "Epic." Thought you all might like to see them wrapped in their favorite wedding gift of all. Makes me so happy. Laurie came over to join Jeff for lunch last Friday and brought the quilt so I could take these photos.
On the front lawn at the office under the dancing tree, on a perfect summer day....the happy couple.
With a hurricane heading our way, we are abuzz with preparation, just in case. The contractors are hurrying to get as much of the bathroom job done this week as possible. I will need to leave my house as I am way too close to the ocean. Let's just hope it heads out to sea!
PS. I am working on a series of before and progress on the bathroom pictures.....
Be safe everyone.


Anonymous said...

Baton down the hatches Matey, thar's a storm a-comin! I hope you and LM and Ms G will get outta Dodge before the roads become crammed with traffic. I fear your in Earl's dangerous path and will worry about you all. The news isn't very good regarding it's path. Please stay on the side of caution and be safe!!! ...debbie

Anonymous said...
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Linda said...

I've never faced a hurricane, tornadoes yes, hurricanes no. I trust your judgment but will keep you, LM, and Ms G in my thoughts.

That is indeed a beautiful quilt. No wonder they're so proud of it beside the emotional attachment to the one who created it. Lovely.

Keep safe.