Friday, September 3, 2010

An Earl-y Morning in Chatham

There is such an uneasy feeling as we wait to see what this hurricane will do....we are ready as we can be. This morning, I was awake really early with all sorts of what-ifs running through my head, so in order to still the voices, I got in the car and drove to the lighthouse for sunrise. it was just so magnificent.
The parking lot was still filled with dish trucks from the TV stations as it was last night after work (photo below).
Hurricane warning flags at the lighthouse.

Because the dish trucks had such bright spotlights shining, I decided to drive to another nearby beach to enjoy solitude and better light. This is Claflin Landing facing east across to the barrier beach. I was still not to find my silence. See that car on the left? Those guys had driven right up and over the beach and headed to the water, getting the car royally stuck in the sand. One of the nearby press people went over to help as they were right at the water's edge. The occupants stumbled out of the car, quite drunk and toting all their beer. The press fellow was able to back the car up and start to get it off the beach but it got stuck again. At that point I left but it was pretty funny.
To the right there was a small group of press people set up on the beach getting ready to broadcast. One of the guys came over and told me my dress matched the sunrise and offered to take a photo with my camera. He did a good job....even if I was a bit breeze blown.
The scene at the lighthouse yesterday at 5:15 pm or so. Traffic jam of people and press. Hurricane warning flags flying at left.
It's now nearly 11 am and we have had very heavy tropical feeling air all morning with very ominous skies. Now we are beginning to have very heavy episodes of rain. Not sure when they will close the office so here I am. All is ready at LM's for me to arrive and he did procure the portable toilet....priorities, you know. Ms G is hiding upstairs as the plumbers are in the house working on the bathroom.
Thank you, thank you for all the concern...stay tuned. Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

You know what they say: "Red sky at night: Sailor's delight. Red sky at dawn: Sailors mourn."

Keep safe! It's quite overcast in New York, but no rain yet. I guess it'll move south after it hits you guys. Hopefully not, though!

Anonymous said...

I hope they let you go early today. I'm sure no one wants to be there or is paying much attention to their work. Am glad you got a porta potty. Can't believe they didn't get it in...big dumbies...I got my altas out last night and stayed up to the wee hours of the night (morning) checking out various points of interest. Chatham sure is just right there!! Right in the path - Holy Cow. What city does LM live in. Hope he's farther west, well into the thick part of the Cape, course, I guess it doesn't really matter, it's so small, your going to get it no matter where you are. The videos on the weather channel are amazing and scary!! Those TV people are nuts!! Take care, BE SAFE - HUGS - debbie

barbara said...

My dad used to say "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning". We always had a boat (a series of them) when I was a child. Of course, we never went out in a gale, let alone a hurricane! That first picture is an impressive red.
I hope they let you leave work early so you can be safe with LM.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Oh yes, red sky in the morning always comes to mind but particularly today...I was just reading that the adage dates back to the Bible and to Shakespeare's words. The ocean is beginning to roar and it is quite dark but not raining now. We had very heavy rain earlier.
Massachusetts had laid extensive emergency plans in palce and each town has an emergency response team and the Nat'l Guard at the ready. I'm impressed.
No news on leaving work....around 4 I think as they are shutting the servers down.
Stay tuned....Holding pattern!

Annie Joy said...

Hoping that everybody's safe; you'll be in our prayers until all is back to normal. Annie

One Woman's Journey said...

what beautiful pictures. enjoy your weekend...

Linda said...

Hang in there, and continue to be safe. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

What georgeous colors! I looked at my Chatham coffee cup off and on all day at work thinking of you. I am watching the updates on the weather channel. Beautiful Colorado day - 73, no clouds, cool wind that sadly scatters whatever brings out these horrible allergies. I'll await a call when Earl has moved on. Love, B