Thursday, September 2, 2010


We are battening down the hatches and getting ready for Earl to arrive sometime late tomorrow. Already the phone at work is abuzz with clients asking what to do to secure their homes. Fortunately many have hurricane strength windows but this is a much bigger storm than we've seen in many years. Our local grocery store sold 7 tons of water yesterday!
There are many blase tourists around, though, and they are making it all in to one big party.
LM is spending today securing things at his house and the contractors should be coming first thing to get the huge shower unit into the house and off of the back terrace. Our cars are fueled, we have cash, and plenty of non-perishables and batteries. That's about all we can do.
We just wait....the air thick with moisture and anxiety.


Anonymous said...

I've been glued to the weather channel and am horrified at the size of Earl. He is one big MF!! From the looks on TV, there is already a line trying to get off the Cape. What a mess. That is the trouble with trying to get out of Dodge, YOU CAN'T! Glad to hear you have gas n cash!! It is a scary thing to have to wait for. I will be a nervous wreck for you!! Be Safe!! The Cape is in my prayers!...debbie

Kittie Howard said...

Thought about you and LM immediately when the news gave Earl's extended path. Sounds like you've done all you can do and can only hope/pray the preps hold. Probably will but there's the anxiety of it all. Prayers! Hugs!

barbara said...

Thinking of you and LM and Ms G and hoping Earl doesn't hit you too hard. That is one scary looking storm. Prayers and hugs to you all.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers. I am working on pulling my crazy mind back in to the present. What will be, will be.
I plan to get out on Sat to take pictures of the huge surf they say will be kicking up.

Linda said...

I think you have a host of friends who share concern for your safety. Please continue to keep us updated as long as you can. There may be a time when you'll be without power but we're anxious to hear from you anytime you can post something.