Saturday, September 4, 2010

Post Earl

Earl was pretty tame when he finally blew through here around midnight. We fell asleep to the rain and breeze and I was awake at 5, out the door at 5:30am as I just needed to see what happened to my favorite places. NOTHING. A few leaves and one very small branch down in a local street.
The press was still all lined up at the lighthouse but there was hardly a ripple in the surf. There were a few signs of flooding but very minor. There's lot's of criticism of the press saying they over-reacted on the storm, but I don't think that at all. Earl had the power to do MAJOR damage. Every precaution and warning was necessary. Our governor and local emergency preparedness teams did a fantastic job with disseminating information and arranging help if needed.
After my tour I went back to my house to have a shower and promptly fell in to a deep sleep....relief that the stress of waiting for the storm is over.

Meanwhile, at LM's house the carpenters are working full-steam to finish their work on the bathroom. The new ceiling is in, the tub and all rough plumbing is in and now the wall board is going up. They plan to work through the weekend.
Thank you everyone for all the concern, thoughts and prayers!
Today we are creating a new clothes yard which is sunnier - we hang out all our wash. After that we plan to go off-Cape to Target to get all new towels, a rug for the bath floor and one more towel bar. There will be more rest, as well.
That's it for now.....Ms G is in her lair while all the noise continues in "her house."
Enjoy the rest of Labor Day weekend.


Anonymous said...

I stayed up last night until 1 am watching the storm news and was aware that it wasn't going to hit the Cape as they had feared. I commend your state government for their activeness in getting ready for the storm's problems, but luckily it wasn't needed. Those who critisize are just plain stupid. It could have easily gone the other way!! Good to hear the workers are at the job, and glad to hear you all are well and safe!!...debbie

Kittie Howard said...

By the time I went to bed, the news said Earl would flame out and knew you'd be okay. Those who critize the govt and officials are plain stupid. I don't often use this word. But I'm from Louisiana where hurricanes flourish. I think it would be far better for locals to praise officials for taking the safer road, like you are doing.

Linda said...

Very good news!! I hope you have a nice calm week-end. Sounds like rest is in order.

Beverly said...

So glad Earl was a good little boy. I know you are breathing a sigh of relief...