Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Just In

My wonderful doctor, Mary, called me late this afternoon to tell me the MRI is clear. WHEW. This is good and bad news. It means that I am indeed having attacks of trigeminal neuralgia for which there is no cure. The episode I am in right now is really painful, so she insisted that I go back on the anti-seizure medication. I'd stopped it last weekend as I felt SO DRUGGED and I hate that feeling. Also, it is very hard for me to work feeling that way. Anyway, back to the med and hoping the side effects will ease out over time.
Thanks for the kind comments, I surely do have the loveliest and most thoughtful blog friends and your comments mean so much.
Off to sew the binding on my latest quilt.
Happy almost weekend!!


Kittie Howard said...

OMG! We've been jumping thru hoops with a charity golf tournament in Maryland to benefit a scholarship foundation. Lots of folks here. Managed to get awards posted but that was it. So, I read your blog and think, what's going on here?? Gosh, I feel like a crumb. Hope the meds are doing their thing and you're feeling better. Ohhhh, hugs, hugs!

Linda said...

I am so glad to hear this good report. I was really concerned but like you said it wasn't totally a silver lining, there's still a problem. I feel bad you're having to take a drug that makes you feel bad. That's no fun, but better than having a tumor. Now we can all have a good week-end.

Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear the MRI came out neg. for anthing bad. I'm hoping your medicine will work and somethimes, with medicine that makes your groggy, they do even out over time, if you can just hang in there to see if that is the case with your med. I hope so. Happy to hear your able to work on your quilt! That is good news! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. This Sunday is Madison's 6 th Birthday. Can't believe she'll be that old. It makes Bob tear up at the thought. He is so sentimental. I wish for you a pain-free weekend!! Hugs n more Hugs...debbie

One Woman's Journey said...

So pleased to hear your good news.
I know how you feel about medication. Take care of yourself.
You are talented with your creating of quilts.