Monday, September 20, 2010

Long Island Funnies

Oh my, the faster I go the behinder I get, to quote some smart person from long ago. Chez Ms G is busily preparing our next road trip!! We will be off to Waterloo, Ontario for a long-awaited visit with my sister and family in a few weeks. We look forward to seeing lots of new things through our collective eyes, especially Niagara Falls, and LM's first trip out of the USA. He gets to use his new passport.
In the meantime I have these few last photos to share with you from our lovely North Fork of Long Island trip. We love to find the funny and unusual around us so here are a few:
This great fish gate which guarded the entrance to a private waterfront parking area in Greenport, NY.
LM spends most of his life, well almost - we all know that most of it is consumed by being Ms G's indentured servant, and that's what he gets for "stealing" her from me - defending the rights of fishermen to have access to as many fishing areas as possible. When he found this sign on a primo fishing pier, he had to have a picture.
In Greenport we came across a store with a front window filled with an amusing collection of rubber duckies....some masquerading as cats! There was a mini railroad running there, too.
Greenport, NY legend has it that a great white had a piece of this boat for lunch.....hmmmmmm.
And last but not least, across the street from the "Jaws" victim, sat this very sweet new friend!! He watched us intently, and then very slowly sauntered across the quiet street to a pretty front porch, and approached the door, asking to be let in.
Since we returned from the trip, I've been in a spate of Dr's visits related to a severe facial pain problem. I've been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. It is a baffling and painful sporadic disorder. For me it presents in the form of severe left ear, face, and mouth pain/numbness/burning (the worst part of it). It also involves a dull headache and pain in my eyes. This last episode lasted 10+ days and was the worst I've had yet. I realize that this has been happening off and on, to a much lesser extent, for about 10 years. I had been attributing it to a mild cold or sinus infection each time, and would often have to leave work. Tomorrow morning I will have a brain/head MRI using dye to rule out any other problem which could cause these symptoms, such as tumors. Meanwhile, as quickly as it started, the episode ended last weekend. What a relief!! (LM claims he is "the healer," as, I went to bed in pain Saturday night at his house, and woke up Sunday morning pain free). The burning in my mouth, tongue, etc was so awful, and the head pain made working so difficult. Meanwhile, I am using meditation and biofeedback to relax the jaw and face muscles. So far, so good.

Tonight, I pick up a second completed quilt and will finish it over the weekend. A dear friend will present it to her niece as a wedding gift next month. Sara and Samantha will join me on the trip to get the quilt.
We are amidst the most beautiful time of year here with crystal clear warm days and cold nights, so I have had lots of energy. Winter clothes have been coming out and I'm culling things from my summer/fall and winter "collection" to be donated to others. Last weekend, I did a lot of pruning at LM's and just loved being out in the garden again. There is a lot of raking to do, too.

Ms G is extra frisky and loving this cooler weather.....she's keeping LM busy playing fetch! She's also very happy that the bathroom re-model contractors are ALMOST done. Happiness wll not reign on Friday when they come back to replace the windows in LM's bedroom. BIG TRAUMA, so she will hide in her upstairs lair, then COMPLAIN very loudly to LM when they leave. He says she has been literally throwing herself on him screaming for affection in the evenings when the house is once again hers, thus, he can do nothing (which he loves) but sit and be at her service with lots of patting and reassurance.
She'll be paying you all a visit before the end of the week.
Love to all........


Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed your trip to Long Island. I enjoyed the "funnies" and the little kitty sure was pretty! I am so sorry to hear about your mouth problems with the Trigeminel Neuralgia. How painful that must be. I hope each episode is short lived. I have a friend who has horrible mouth pain to the extent that he can't eat and is getting very depressed. He has been to the Cleveland Clinic, Duke, Columbus, and the hospitals here and surrounding cities and they can't find anything wrong. Wonder if this is what he has?? Will call and ask him about it. If you don't mind me asking what kind of meds do you take and what bio-feed back do you do. It may help my friend. He is in his early 70's. Also glad to hear of your Canada trip! That will be a lot of fun. You know...I've never been to Nigra Falls...good grief....debbie

judemiller1 said...

Your trip to Canada will be beautiful this time of year. The last time I was in Niagara Falls was in early October and it was stupendous!

Cape Cod Kitty said...

I sent you a long e-mail with med details...
Oh yes, Canada will be fantastic. Can't wait. LM and I just love being on the road. He is already brimming with excitement, too.

I had not even thought of the foliage and Oct beauty when we planned this trip. It was really to be there over my sister's birthday and share time with her. An extra bonus!!

Linda said...

Sorry, I missed another of your post. I don't know how I'm doing that.

I'm so glad your pain went away. That must be an awful experience.

Your statement that both you and LM enjoy being on the road struck me. My Bob would be content to live the rest of his life in a 5 mile radius. I, on the other hand, love being on the road.

I'm looking forward to our next visit with Ms. Graysea.

Beverly said...

I have not had time to read....but, the pictures are heavenly.......

Beverly said...

I just read about your pain....I pray it will not rear its ugly head again....

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