Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pink Sparkly Balls & Courage to Judy

Presenting.....a Ms G update.....she just loves to stretch out on the recently cleaned off and NOW completely covered with STUFF again dining room table....in LM's defense, the stuff is mostly related to the bathroom re-do, and yes, some of it is fishing equipment which loves to migrate out of its storage space....has a mind of its own.
My dear co-worker, Nancy, sent me home with two little pom-pom type sparkly balls for Ms G several weeks ago and they have been the best fun for feline and humans alike. G carries them everywhere and drops them at our feet, begs for us to throw and she fetches them right back to repeat the process. The hardest part for LM is that she is doing it all night in the bed and when he doesn't react speedily enough, she tries to lift up his hand. Notice the array of Whiskahs Temptations on the table....LM did not allow her to go cold turkey on to the healthy cat food....he's an enabler!!
She is such a character.
She is in full trot here on her way back to LM so he can throw the ball again.
After many fetches, she finally tires a bit, and sits with her toy to rest. Gotta love that face!
This funny girl is not having the best time as we go through the construction.....she is hiding upstairs a lot and is VERY unhappy that her favorite play place is no longer there. Soon, my dear!

My blogging friend, Judy, is going to have hip replacement surgery tomorrow. It is her first surgery ever!! Pretty amazing. She's gone round and round with conquering her fear and I am happy to say that she is READY for tomorrow. Wishing you ease, peace and love all around, Judy!! We'll be here waiting to hear the good news about your recovery.


Anonymous said...

Best Wishes to Judy for a speedy recovery! It'll be a piece of Cake Judy!!

Ms G reminds me of my mom's kitty SuSu. She carries those sparkly balls all over the house. It's her favorite. She had about 4 of them but has a favorite!

Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!! Won't it be nice to have a new room!! yea! ...debbie

Julie said...

Our kitty loves to play fetch! She gets very whiny if we do not react to her right away, it is adorable!
Thanks for the update.


Linda said...

Han in there Ms Graysea, you'll love your new digs in that lovely new bathroom. Best of all the noise will be gone.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Your kitty is so adorable!! What a face! :)

Wishing your friend the best! ♥