Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long Island Part II

Here we are, back on tour...a few more photos of our room at the Inn at Shorecrest. This chair was so comfy but we needed a second one! A lovely very old crazy quilt over the back was fun to examine. Beautiful fabrics which have withstood the test of time to varying degrees.
The chandelier in the living room was truly amazing and intricate, and it hung from a spectacular ceiling rosette. That table in the corner held a lovely plate of chocolate chip cookies and my favorite cookie monster was in heaven.

Our room was on the first floor but I loved this view to the second where a charming wooden cat observed the arrivals.
By the fireplace. The doors behind me slid open every morning to reveal the most elegant dining room with its table set formally for breakfast. Never managed a photo as I couldn't do so without inconveniencing other guests. Each dish was beautifully prepared and presented, many made with fresh from the garden ingredients.
LM enjoying his first coffee of the day on Sunday
Our inn had the most beautiful gardens...they were just beyond their summer peak but still glorious. My dearest LM, dragon-fly-expert-extraordinaire, was so thrilled when we walked out the front door on the way to dinner to see literally hundreds of them in flight around the garden. All the colors were represented and we stood there watching for the longest time. Amazing sight! LM enjoyed recounting the countless hours he spent as a child studying every aspect of dragonflies. They were particularly drawn to these spider flowers (not sure of the true name).
After breakfast on Sunday morning we set out on the North Fork Foodie Tour. This was our first stop where we picked up the map and sampled some lovely fresh foods. I particularly enjoyed a fresh corn, black bean, and tomato relish. They had fresh celery with a delicious cheese filling and many other treats. We also had a little cup of sangria in which apple slices were soaking. SO GOOD.
This farm had a community garden and we managed to snap the following flower photos. People were there harvesting their crops. These morning glories were truly wonderful and glowing.

DahliasOur next stop was at the Croteaux Vineyards. They are famous for their delicious sparkling rose'. The grounds are beautiful with gardens everywhere as well as thoughtfully restored farm buildings and house. Beyond in this picture is the farmhouse which is also the site of The Farmhouse Cooking School conducted by the owner of the vineyard in the Fall and Winter.
The vineyard owner....serving their wonderful wine and a delicious apple cake
The winery's inviting garden seating....the chairs rocked, literally!

Someone I love enjoying the apple cake and wine!
We really loved this wall of the barn comprised of their beautifully etched bottles, created by the owner's husband, a graphic artist.
Our next and most favorite stop was at the Krupski Farm in Peconic. The owner, a 4th generation Long Island farmer, led a fascinating tour of his farm. Here he is explaining how they rotate crops, and had just given us a lot of background on the farming process and the struggles of the family farm. This area of LI has worked very hard to protect the farmers and their very valuable land. This area is actually a very rich peninsula jutting into Peconic Bay. We learned about their process of raising a few chickens for eggs to sell at their stand, and also how many plantings of the same crops they cycle through in a season. He gave us a good overview of the types of equipment he uses. We were able to see sweet potatoes as he pulled them, ready, from their row. Beautiful. A major problem for these farms is the heavy deer population and that explained the very high fencing surrounding all the fields. Being a farmers daughter, I was in my glory hearing how he has followed in his father's footsteps and how his father, now in his 80's, still gets out on the tractors to help out.They have two lovely farm stands and the tour ended at the largest on on the main road. We learned about all the types of pumpkins and squash, which were best for pie (the medium sized flesh colored are the best), etc.
Last we stopped at the stand and bought a pie pumpkin and some baby pumpkins for Kristi. The cutting flowers were lovely. The Krupski Farm is also famous for its Halloween celebration with haunted rides and mazes, etc. Sounds like a lot of fun. He said it takes a month to prepare!
All of a sudden we felt weary and decided that we should get our money's worth out of that lovely room at the Inn and quickly we were back there and had a very luxurious nap....much needed by these two bathroom re-do-weary people....we woke leisurely and got ready for our fun dinner in Greenport. More on that tomorrow, but not before I get some much needed rest, and spend the morning with Teddy tomorrow. After that will come time with my beloved....maybe some pruning in his garden, maybe not. We shall see.
Have a wonderful weekend. It will be lovely here, I just know it.


Linda said...

I don't know how I missed the first installment but I did. I hate doing that. All the things you describe and the photos make me want to visit New England again. I loved it there.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

The inn looks gorgeous! Same goes for all the other photos as well! ♥

One Woman's Journey said...

What a wonderful trip. I traveled along with everything you described. The beauty of the inn, flowers, food, scenery - all in all you did a wonderful job of describing. You have many blessings. Now stay well!!!

judemiller1 said...

Very descriptive post--I was right there with you. I love the farm and the inn--love that shade of blue on the walls of your room and the bed looked comfy. Nice trip you had.