Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scene Along the Way

I had the brain MRI this morning and the process took me right straight back into a full fledged episode of trigeminal neuralgia, or whatever is happening to me. My left face, head and neck are entirely numb and in burning pain, my ear and throat are throbbing and the burning in my mouth makes it not worth trying to eat. My eyes, as well as my brain are foggy. The scan was at 7:30 and I managed to get to work by 11:30. They placed a halo-like contraption on my head and then very tight earphones over my ears and I think that pressure set off this attack. It is scary and I can feel my spirits sinking to my toes. My trusty healer drove me this morning and is now off on a car trip so I cannot call on him for a miracle hug. That will have to wait until tomorrow.
In the meantime, I can focus on some beauteous things which came across my path last week, and share them all with you!
Last Friday evening I was taking a drive around my beloved spot on this earth and happened on this scene at a local salt water pond in Chatham. Right place, right time.
The next morning I spent a few hours with my sweet baby Teddy.....he loves his new car but has not figured out how to make it go forward yet, reverse, yes...
I love the way he peers in to the camera lens. A joyful child.
Saturday evening LM and I caught this sunset at West Dennis Beach.

I caught this critter sitting in the middle of the dining table on Saturday evening. I love my baby girl!
This wonderful fisherman was caught fishing in the Parker River just after we shared an early dinner at a nearby restaurant on Sunday. He can never resist the opportunity to make a few casts.
This weekend will be spent getting ready for the Canada trip, finishing a quilt, resting, and cuddling with Ms G and my healer, hopefully with this face/head pain issue resolved. Not sure when I will get MRI results.


judemiller1 said...

Oh my gosh--that sounds terrible. I can't stand being in pain--it effects the whole personality. I hope the MRI shows what is the problem and you can get it taken care of. A trip to Canada would be a lot more fun it you aren't in pain.

Love the pictures--gorgeous.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Oh, Marcia, my heart goes out to you... you've been in my prayers, and will continue to be! ♥

On a more pleasant note, the photographs are beautiful... I miss Cape Cod so.

Anonymous said...

I am terribly sorry that the MRI caused your pain to come back in full force. Your in my thoughts and prayers for quick relief. Being in pain all the time is so stressful. Your pictures however, are really beautiful. Love the sunset! Ms G is such a funny gal. Sitting on the table looking quite regal. lol. Glad to hear your Canada trip is coming up soon and hope all pain is gone by then. Hoping the MRI can shed light on your problems...hugs...debbie