Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Latest from Ms G

HELP!!! They have torn my house apart, my daily routine has been torn asunder.....I only get brief moments of time with my beloved LM, and the rest of my time is spent hiding upstairs. When will it ever end??
This is one of the aliens who began making a lot of noise and tearing apart my house 2 weeks ago....he's also know as Bill.....
They are pretty neat and never leave a mess but look at all the stuff they have hauled out of the bathroom. My bathtub was on the lawn and then it disappeared.
LM stood in my tub one last time before it was taken away.Well, that was last week, and now, the new shower unit is in, all new drywall, and plumbing, and electrical wiring. By Friday they promise the new floor, toilet, and sink will be in place, and the walls will be painted a pretty soft green (matches my eyes, no doubt). We shall see.
LM went up on the roof to fix the exhaust pipe.
They claim I will love the new shower and its handy seat. We shall see about that...the noise has to go away first! The paint can sits where the new toilet will be. Mummy is waiting somewhat patiently for that installation. The new sink will go to the left.
Mmmmmmm....they sure made a lot of noise and cut up a lot of walls to get this thing in....not sure if I will like it after all that trouble.
I have to sit right here on the next to the top step to contemplate if it is safe to come down for some love, food and my litter box. Skepticism is running deep right now. Those aliens leave their loud-noise-making tools around. When no one is looking I will sniff every single spot. I had to pull out my best indignant face to let my peeps know they have seriously inconvenienced my life.
Hello to all my fans out there and PLEASE send help!


Linda said...

Oh Ms. G hang in there. In a few days you'll be so glad you did. You'll love all the new smells in that new bathroom. Perhaps there'll even be a cozy place just for you.

ABBY said...

Ms G
I know how you feel -- last month we had a new roof put on and I NEVER thought those aliens would leave so we kitties would be at peace again, but they finally did!


Anonymous said...

My dear Ms G, I think the aliens are in the home stretch now. Probably not too much longer. Tell your mom, I have her same shower in our guest bedroom's bathrooom. I love the seat to shave my legs on!! I do find your position in the first picture to be...welll...very cute. Tell your mom and LM I said Hello!! ...debbie