Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reflecting off Ms G

All too prevalent lately have been reflections of how Ms G must be feeling about the bath re-build. Obviously, what is really happening here is that the renovations have our life in a tailspin, along with a few other situations. Not to mention the fact that I was really sick the last 2.5 days....fortunately I am better today. It was an upper respiratory thing which went through the office, and I think my very healthy self fought it off admirably. YEAH.

LM is beyond stressed, and that is going some for someone who is the essence of cool. There are issues with his son, John, as we try to help him ease back into a life with a future post-incarceration. As one would imagine, that life is full of stone walls, despite the brightest of intentions. Work is non-existent now that summer has ended here in "paradise," and financial aid for college has all but dried up. We are telling ourselves it is an interim, but these kids really face major hurdles and without wealthy parents to back them, they are lost. We live in constant fear of John re-offending. John really wanted to join the military but learned today that it is not possible with his felony record, albeit it "minor." Another, we dust off and are reaching out for help wherever possible. Meanwhile, we plan to hire John to put a new roof on his Dad's house, and do some heavy work beyond our physical capabilities. I, in all this, am trying to be calm, positive and keep my mad passion to rush in with solutions in overdrive at bay. HELP! Mental note to self here: Time to focus on what I can control.

Meanwhile, LM and I have a fabulous 3 day getaway to Long Island planned for this weekend into Monday. It includes a ferry ride across Long Island Sound, a stay a a luxurious B & B, a tour of the Hamptons, fishing, walking the beach, sunsets, lovely meals, a North Fork Foodie tour, and rest. I think we need it, and I hope none of the other "stuff" will preclude this time away from the fray.

Back to the bathroom chronicles, I await momentarily a report from my dear LM as to the progress made today. The plumber was there this morning so that was a good sign.


Beverly said...

I know it is hard when you want to fix things but cannot. I hope you have a great weekend.

Linda said...

Oh I can so identify with your situation with John. Bob's twin brother has a daughter in that situation. There's nothing but brick walls everywhere they turn. We want these people to become good citizens and there's no where to turn for help. I know it's their own fault but they're going to repeat if they can't find jobs and a way to make it in the outside world. It's a real catch-22

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I feel really bad. I meant to write you yesterday with get well wishes, but I'm not at all sure why I didn't. My thoughts were with you regardless of my mindless state. Was glad to hear you were feeling better today. Is there a Vocational Tech school nearby? That may be an option. Kids just don't understand when they do these things, that it messes up their lives for a long time and that it's hard to get back on track. Patience will have to be priority for everyone.

Was glad to hear you have a three dayer coming up! yea! Something everyone needs! Time alone! Sounds like it's well planned out and will be a lot of fun. Who is going to watch Ms Fancypants while your away. Bet she'll love that! :(
Yea for the plumbers! Hope they get the potty in today!! lol ...debbie

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Glad you're feeling better, Marcia, and I do hope Lou's son will find a job soon... must be so stressful for all of you! :(

On a lighter note, I'm so excited for your trip to LI! I hope you both enjoy yourselves and take many pictures! The weather here has been beautiful lately ♥

Kittie Howard said...

Delighted to hear you're feeling better, Kitty. Hope your weekend is extra special...a bathroom renovation can fry the brain if you don't get away from the brouhaha a bit.

About John, sigh...what a major problem!...a trade school seems a possible option, an option John may not want and a definite fault line...Oh, Kitty, tight hugs on this one!!