Monday, March 22, 2010

Wind, Rain, a Surprise Visitor, a Trip off-Cape and Quilters

Surveying the damage!
LM and I love a rainy windy when 60 mph winds and heavy rains were called for weekend before last, we were so excited that we could hardly wait to snuggle in, with the window open, to savor Saturday night. What a night it was....Ms G, ears twitching wildly, lots of banging and ringing of outdoor chimes were just half the fun and we had no idea what the morning light would reveal. First light uncovered debris everywhere. An old chimney and fake covering came crashing down - thank you mother nature!! We had planned to pay my son to help us remove it very soon. The ancient fencing around the terrace and the arbor in the clothesyard, came down.
Amazingly enough, everything that needed to go had been helped along by the storm!
Last Thursday I was delighted to look up from my desk at work and see these two wonderful visitors arriving. Teddy and I had great fun as he explored my desk and homed right in on my computer and phones. He is such a cutie and "answered" my phone by saying "Hola" co-workers were all thrilled to meet Teddy. A good time was had by all.
For several months we have been trying to coordinate a Saturday to travel off-Cape to go through the last of Dad's things which are stored at my brother's house. We finally made it this past weekend on what seemed like the first day of Summer and not the first day of Spring. It was over 70 degrees and we enjoyed a lovely dinner on the deck with Sam, Trish, Nate and Bob.
Trish with a bouquet of roses we brought.
Kristi helped to set the table and had a great visit with her dear Sam. She was also thrilled to go shopping at various stores along the way up and back.
Sam grilled delicious chicken. I just love being with my family! They are the best.
After dinner, it was Bob's tun to join us. His size always amazes me!
A week ago Sunday evening was the first meeting of the Quilt group and it went very well, despite all the rain and wind, the most lovely group of women could not wait to begin the process of making a quilt for a dear friend who is ailing. It has been since the mid-nineties that I worked with a group of quilters, and I am just so inspired by their love, creative sense and desire to learn. None of them has ever made a quilt and several have never cut into fabric or used a sewing machine. Our first meeting we chose the theme (the ocean with a hint of garden), determined measurements and talked about the process. They are making a variation on the Trip Around the World pattern with a hint of Monet in the color placement.

Last Friday, they met at Tumbleweed Quilt Shop in W. Barnstable to choose the fabrics. I decided to stay out of the fabric decisions as I want the quilt to be of their choices. They had such fun - the quilt shop may never be the same - below is a cell phone shot of the process, as they placed the fabrics together.
Our second meeting was held this past Sunday, and these wonderful women were armed and ready....fabrics all lined up, washed, ironed and READY.
Dorna, Jerre (our host), Debra, Sharon and my dear, dear friend, Sue.

The color order begins.
After a brief cutting lesson, Debra, Dorna and Sharon launched a great effort to finish the first round of cutting.

Sue expertly began sewing the strips together as Dorna carefully kept track of the correct placement. We are all so grateful to Jerre for the use of her beautiful and naturally lit home overlooking a lovely marsh. be continued....we plan to meet most Sundays until the quilt is done.
Last but not least......Ms G goes through this "ordeal" every morning. She waits, pitiful face on, for one of us to open the bathroom (SORELY in need of replacement with not much progress in sight) window shade so that she can look out onto the side garden and spy on blowing leaves, unsuspecting squirrels, etc.
I am finally better from the cold....others around me are falling now.
More Ms G pictures tomorrow!! Happy Day everyone, we are having lovely Spring rain.


Anonymous said...

What a great and fun post!! Am sorry about all the damage at LM's, but we can't control Mother Natures Rath. Enjoyed the family photos at your brothers. Hope you were able to get the rest of your dad's things settled. The quilting group looks a lot of fun. I'd love to be there so I could learn too.
Poor Ms G - waiting for so long! She needs to learn to open it for herself. I wonder if she could?? We are having a rainy day too. It's only 40 and after 2 weeks of 60-70 degree weather, it seems cold. I've had to turn the heat back on!! Have a great day!!...debbie

Poppy said...

I'm glad that Mother Nature seemed to take out what was intended to go anyway! I'm glad no one was hurt.
I'm sure it was hard, yet a relief to be done with sorting out your Dad's things.

I am green with envy over here looking at the photos of your quilting group! I'm going to seriously have to figure out a way to learn how to use my sewing machine and get some creative juices flowing over here!

Glad to hear you're feeling better :)

Linda said...

What a delightful post. It oozes with love and affection.

Kittie Howard said...

Before I forget, I didn't leave a comment on your previous post because an Anonymous is trolling for a make-money deal. Those people are jerks! Anyway, I'm playing catch-up after being sick and then hub being really, really sick (he slept in multi-purpose room, where computer is, so I wouldn't get sick again). Pleased storm damage worked out in your favor...loved your quilt adventures and, of course, adore MsG.