Saturday, March 13, 2010

Down for the Count

Hello friends....I've been really sick for a few days. Just getting "up off the mat" here this morning, as I have a full day ahead. The cold which hit LM last week, leveled me on Wednesday morning. Oh, well, I have had three days of intense sleeping.
Now, I am ready for some time out of the house and breathing in some fresh air.
LM and I are taking Kristi off-Cape this afternoon to visit my brother Sam and family. There is a major nor'easter rolling in here with high winds and rain, so I hope we get in all our plans before it is too bad. The plan at Sam's is to go through and decide what to do with the remainder of Dad's possessions. Mot exactly fun, but necessary.

Tomorrow I am beginning an interesting project. I'll be helping a lovely group of caring women to make a quilt for an ailing friend. None of them have made a quilt before, but some have sewing skills, so I've worked up a plan with which they can put together a "Trip Around the World" quilt in fabrics/colors, which reflect Cape Cod, the sea and the shore. I know just being with this group of women will be very inspiring and I am honored that my close friend, Sue, invited me to help. Stay tuned for photos and progress reports.

Happy weekend, all. I'm off to see Ms G and her keeper....mmmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

So sorry you were laid up for 3 days! Hope your feeling much better!...and you must be if your going on a nice little road trip. The storm came through here and knocked out our electric for 8 hours. Thank goodness it was a warm night. Stayed in the high 50's. Going through your dad's things will be a bit sad, but like you said, necessary. Your project sounds really nice. Wish I could join you. I want to quilt too. Guess I better go shower. I'm off to Wallyworld to grocery shop - we're out of everything! Have a great weekend with your 2 best buds!...debbie

Linda said...

I hope you're able to get in all your planned activities before the weather turns ugly.

The quilt project sounds very exciting. Do keep us posted.

Ms Graysea is such a delight, and I'm always a sucker for romance. Sounds like you and LM are fortunate to have found each other.

You have a very nice blog.

Beverly said...

It is cold and dreary here, and I am under the weather. Hope you get your visit off the Cape before the rains begin...

One Woman's Journey said...

Will be so "happy" when Spring finally arrives. Your quilting sounds great. I have never been into quilting. My mother was always quilting. Stay Well!!

Poppy said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick. I truly know how you feel. I believe I have turned the corner however and hope you too are back on the road to health.

I love that you're helping some friends make a quilt. Too bad we do not live closer as I would love to learn to quilt myself.

Hope your day with LM & Kristi was a good one and that going through the remainder of your Dad's things wasn't too difficult for you.


Kittie Howard said...

If misery loves company, here I am, hauling myself around ... whatever this bug is, it packs a whallop. Hope you're better soon...and that's really nice of you to help make quilts, the real spirit of America...warms my heart!