Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"All Things Tea" and Ms G's Latest Exploits

Way back when, I met Lori when she came to work with me in Sandwich at the Community School. We liked each other right away and bonded over our love for cats, gardens and quilting, and my love for her talent and sense of humor. Since those days, she has moved around some, and now lives on the North Shore of Boston. We are lucky to get together 2-3 times a year, but she will always be a dear, dear friend, and someone who's company I thoroughly enjoy.
We've been through a lot together - divorces, lost loves, parenting challenges, painful deaths, and moves. She's always lent an understanding and comforting ear, and no matter what is happening we laugh and offer each other encouragement. She's beautiful inside and out.

On Sunday, we decided to meet for tea in Plymouth. After a bit of research, we found "All Things Tea" on line, and decided to give it a try. It was everything we read and much more. Other than the fact that a normal trip to Plymouth for me is about 40 minutes, and Sunday it took me nearly 2.5 hrs (roadwork), we had a delightful time.
Lovely Lori and some of the delectable treats we savored....ginger and cranberry scones on top. I enjoyed the apricot tea with a hint of pear brandy.
Our server was kind enough to take this picture in front of a beautiful water feature.
Before sampling the "Duchess" assortment, we both had our tea leaves read, and mine was surprisingly accurate.....just to tell a bit, there were little hearts throughout my leaves. Throughout our time there, a harpist was playing beautifully.
From the pathetically sad world of Ms G...once again, she awaits one of her servant's presence to open the blinds, and it is another view of how much the bathroom needs re-doing....really awful. Soon! She also sits here every night to watch as we wash-up, etc. before bed. Always the vigilant little herding cat.
Sunday morning the leaves were dancing and there was a pair of doves right outside the door. Made for very interesting viewing.
"Is it possible I could get out there to catch one of those munchable doves??" Not a chance, but she tried.
Her usual position when trying to induce LM to play....
She's just way too cunning, and I say that in the true sense of cunning. Just try to touch that tummy or a back paw and you will meet with Ms. Fango. She can whip those fangs around so fast you'll never know what hit you. Love that girl.
So that is the latest from the land of Ms G and company. We are all ready for some more warmth like we had last Saturday.
Signing off to work on a plan for the quilt dedication label. It's such fun. We already know that the presentation will call for copious amounts of tissues. I'll share it here!


Linda said...

I love thesed pictures of you and your friend having tea. Makes me want to do that.

Ms G is her gracious little self. I do enjoy seeing pictures of her.

I don't know enough about your part of the world so I very much enjoying seeing pictures of it.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love to go to Tea?! We have a lovely tea house here and it's so much fun! You must have really got snarled up in traffic!! Eeek! Ms G is a teasing little soul isn't she! lol Look but don't dare touch or I'll snag you Good!!! Sounds like Ernie. He is doing well so far. Been over a week and no prolapse!! yea! Have a good day!!...debbie

Kittie Howard said...

What a beautiful Tea! I love the ritual of it all. And apricot tea with a hint of pear brandy, that sounds really nice. Can't wait to show my hub the photos of Ms G!! Looove how she's quite the Lady and how she shows off. She's truly beautiful!