Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project DQ

The quilt is coming along beautifully. We met again last Sunday. This group of women just amazes me in their excitement to present their dear friend with such a lovely gift.
Sharon and Sue greet each other as we arrive.
Jerre, our host, and Linda
Linda works on cutting
Before we launched into putting the strips of fabric together, we discussed making a dedication label, and our resident artist, Jerre, got right to work incorporating some design suggestions.

Meanwhile, across the room, Debra, cutter extraordinaire, gets right down to work.....Sue had expertly sewn together the first set of strips during the previous week so we were ready to launch into the next cutting and sewing.
Sharon assisting DebraSharon takes on the sewing machine for the first time.
Linda ironing out some wrinkles
Jerre, Debra and Linda assay the first arrangement of strips. The colors are all just beautiful together.
Moving the strips to achieve a design. We ran into a problem with the pattern being exactly as promised, so we they came up with a lovely abstract arrangement. We really accomplished so much that day. Over the next two weeks, Sue will sew the strips together again to form the main body of the quilt. Next time we will cut and sew on the 2 borders and put the three layers of the quilt together. The group elected to tie the quilt together rather than have it quilted. I think it will be lovely. The backing will be a very soft flannel.
As always, when we get together, the talk turns to cats...Jerre has 5...and she was so happy to learn the breed and breed history of her beloved Ringo. He is a beautiful lynx-point siamese with brilliant blue eyes.
We are not having a gathering this week, as many will be busy with Easter plans, so I must say I am impatiently awaiting the next meeting on April 11.


Kittie Howard said...

This quilt's gonna be absolutely gorgeous. Love the colors. What a talented group. Everyone works together so beautifully, so much accomplished so quickly. And, to you and yours, a Happy Easter!

Linda said...

I'm a little slow getting around. I greatly enjoyed all these pictures. What a wonderful project and certainly looks like a wonderful group of ladies.