Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dad....Remembering with LOVE

Dad loved to go to Plymouth Harbor for lunch. As children he and Mum took us for a ride to Plymouth almost every Sunday.
Dad and my brother, Ev several winters ago at East Bay Grille.Dear sister, Bebo, with Bob and Dad
Bob wanted to always be as close to Dad as possible. Here they share the morning sun and the paper. Dad's smile could light up any room.
Dad and Bob searching for signs of Spring as they look out over Trish's lovely garden pond.
He loved us all so well!


Linda said...

The last picture is very touching.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing some of your lovely memories of your dad. Bob must have thought he was the berries, always hanging out with him. The pictures of them are so cute. We have sun today. Unbelievably wonderful. Ernie has been following the sunny windows all day. Right now he is on the Dining room table laying in the sun. Wonder if spring is trying to worm it's way in? Have a wonderful weekend with LM and Ms G! ...debbie

Poppy said...

Marcia your photos of your Dad are great. I truly love the last one of him and Bob looking out at the pond.