Monday, March 8, 2010

From the Red Carpet

Princess party news has been pre-empted by another princess while the party photos are edited. These are from a little "play party" Ms G had with LM yesterday. He is feeling quite sick but never too sick to entertain his precious princess. She starts out like this on the floor beside his chair.She then flops over as LM reaches his hand down to pat her....
The "love" gaze
"Dare to touch my tummy"....see the fiend beginning to come out in the eyes?
The fiend emerges and the fun begins
It usually ends up in someone attempting to bite!! The motion in the photo is indicative of the whap she just gave her playmate with the right paw.
Then it always ends in a sweet hug. Poor LM is so sick right now and this hug felt so good!
In other news from the red carpet .....Ms G is positioning herself in front of the mountain of boxes which need to be unpacked.....just reminding her "keeper" of all the work he has to do.
This act was repeated often this weekend. She perches herself amidst the "stuff" on the dining room table which also needs processing! She's a good little reminder cat! Actually, a lot of it was processed this week. We're getting there. That table was all clear until LM unearthed the boxes from his closet! What a good little helper, and now she must go back to her nursing role. She's a busy girl.

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Anonymous said...

From the looks of things in the dining room, it looks like a lot of work is cut out for her! good thing LM has here there!! Sorry to hear LM is under the weather and jopes he has a quick recovery. Blasted weather!! Enjoyed the photos of her being "sweet to fierce red carpet cat". They are so funny. Ernie has a split personality lately. From sweet to growling hissing wild cat....must be old age...another sunny day for us here! Have a great week!...debbie