Monday, March 29, 2010

There's a Frog in my House & other Stuff

Sunday morning, and my keepers are quite busy, thus, I must do something to get their attention.....I suppose I could jump from the back of this new chair they brought in last used to belong to Mommy's Daddy. Let's see, if I jump up and across the stovetop, I maybe could make it to that really high shelf which holds the collection of candle molds and other antiques....that would be fun to hear them all clatter to the floor....might work to get their attention, but then, maybe I better not. MMMMMMMMM. Oh, oh, they just warned me not to try.

Well, let's look in the other direction....aha, it's that frog again....better check him out and see what else is on that table.
I really don't think a jump to the little table is prudent, so let's try getting on the back of the rocking chair. I hear someone coming......they seem to have gotten the message that I need a lap to sit in, or at least some attention and treats.
Maybe if I use my sweet innocent face they will succumb to my wishes. Otherwise, that frog must go! He will make a huge crash when he lands, too. Tee-hee, tee-hee!

In other news, the quilt group had a very successful meeting on Sunday....details tomorrow.

There is progress with my hip pain since seeing the chiropractor. Keeping up with the exercises is helpful. Meanwhile, we are about ready to build an ark here. The flooding is becoming more widespread and the rain continues, accompanied by very high winds. My heart aches for those who have lost so much to these continual storms.

Who knows what mischief Ms G is up to this week....she's pretty much on her own at LM's as the car moving business is very brisk right now and he's driving long hours everyday, even some on the weekends. Dealers are very busy here, which we see as a positive for the economy. Yeah....its been a long road.

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Linda said...

Ms G continues to be entertaining. Glad your hip is some better. Those things can take a long time to heal and go away. We're also having a lot of rain.

Ms G, with nonone at home this is your week to do everything you've ever thought about doing.