Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ah, to be a Princess for a Day

The Princess for a Day giving her little cousin, Teddy a welcoming hug. Proud Dads, Jason and Richie, too.
Teddy was sleepy when he first arrived so he has that sort of dazed look.
It wasn't long before he was off across the room to give "Nana" a hug. LM really wanted that fish sweater....handmade by a friend of Teddy's Mom. Alas, it is too small!
The party Princess begins to open her many gifts with Mom, Sara's assistance. That gift was a bright pink guitar!
These giant Lego-type blocks were a huge hit and the party girl had to be coaxed back to opening her other gifts.
Kristi had such a good time and even she got in to playing with the blocks.
A sports car for Barbie.....
Teddy was fascinated with the Barbie dolls
Another attendee - happy to be amidst all the hoopla. Tigger!
A case to hold a lot of Barbies and accessories, from Nana
Teddy is obssessed with electronics, but they must be in working order, lest a meltdown occurs! He spent half the party trying to get at their home computer.
The princess dancing!
A very proud Mom and Princess Samantha
Teddy searching for more technology, Kristi and toy-Tigger in their party hats
Time for some late lunch.
Pondering her beautiful Barbie cake.
Blowing out the candles
It was really a lovely afternoon! We felt honored to be in the presence of such a beautiful princess.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss Princess! What a cute cake! Looks like everyone had a good time! Tigger made me chuckle at his little tubby tummy!! whoa! He must like to eat! Temp here today is 68!! Took Lincoln to the Park again today and we walked 4 miles and played in the dog pen and are both drop dead tired....debbie

Anonymous said...
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Kittie Howard said...

What a fun party!! And a beautiful Princess! Love Teddy's sweater. Is it just me or are the kids growing up fast?? AND please drop by my blog and pick up your award.

One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful little girl - I also love that sweater.

Poppy said...

The fish sweater is adorable as is the little fella wearing it! Princess Samantha looks like she had quite the birthday celebration! She's such a darling! I love how your smile lights up your face when you are with your family :)