Saturday, March 27, 2010


The wind did some of its work, and 7 hours of peaceful sleep filled in the abyss of grief, fear, and pain. On top of the emotional stress this week, I am dealing with some nasty hip pain again. This time I saw my chiropractor, and feel much better after some treatment, although, my movement is restricted until the pain eases out. We believe the pain is coming from a tightened and, badly in need of movement piriformis muscle, which stretches across the hip from front to back.....too much sitting, and "forgetting" to do the necessary exercise! Being in pain and having to walk with a cane does not do much for one's morale.

One of my coping methods is to make plans, no matter how small, it helps to have something fun to look forward to, even if it seems to take immense effort to follow through.
Today, I am meeting dear friend, Barbara, for lunch and shopping in Orleans, a lovely town which sits on the inside of the elbow of this beautiful arm called Cape Cod. (My town is the very pointed outside of the elbow). We will meet at the Jail House Tavern. It really was a jail in days of yore, and is an interesting old granite building.
After lunch we plan to walk (ever so slowly, in my case) and shop a little on the main street. There are some nice boutiques and interesting shops to peruse. In the "high" season, all these shops are very crowded, so we enjoy these early spring forays in search of bargains.

LM is very busy with car swaps and transfers for dealers (a good sign the economy is improving here). Yesterday he was in western MA, and today he goes to Hyde Park, NY. He will not be back til the wee hours, but I will be there with Ms G, awaiting his arrival home.

I plan to observe Earth Hour at 8:30 pm tonight. Are you?? That time will be spent in meditation and reflection.

In his sweet way of lifting my spirits, LM sent me this photo yesterday morning.
It appears to us, that Ms G, has some way of radically increasing her girth as she positions herself near us, thus to distract and achieve her own agenda!! Here, she is helping LM as he attempts to get some work done. Notice all the UNPACKED boxes in the background.....his claim is that Ms G is too much of a distraction. Mmmmmmmm.
Tomorrow, will find me with the quilting group, once more. We will continue sewing strips and hopefully begin the major piecing. I am bringing them a lovely book, "Friendship's Offering," given to me many years ago, to help them plan a dedication label for the back of the quilt. One of the women is a very talented artist and I am sure she will have some input on the label design. Each of the women will sign the quilt label and then they will take turns applying it with their own hand stitching. Some of them have never sewn, but will learn, as they do this project with such love.
Grateful for the wind.......happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hurray, the early morning rays of light have lifted your spirits! Hoping some of your pain has gone away with the dark of night and gives you some relief today. Just meeting with Barb is going to soar your spirits and you'll have a very good day!!! I didn't read about earth day until this morning. If the grand kids are here, I probably will not participate, if not then I will, at least in the room I'm in!! Bob won't miss his Basketball for Earth Day I can tell you that with MUCH certainty! lol Have a wonderful day with Barb and tonight cozy up with your 2 best pals!!...debbie

Kittie Howard said...

Ahh, sounding great! A neighbor has the pain you write about. She had a series of injections in the spine. Didn't help. But the cortisone shots did so she'll return to that (therapy didn't help either.) I really feel for her, and you. No fun, this pain!The quilt project seems really interesting; loved the colors, very restful but still Alive. And good news about the economy...all things come full circle...including Ms G...she's a happening! Meow! Meow!

Cathy said...

Hello there
So sorry to hear you have pain in your hip area - pain in any part of the body is not good especially anywhere the spine is concerned.
Your 'Ms G' always attracts my attention each time I visit - she looks like a Blue Burmese - is that right. Whatever she is quite loveable lol
Take care