Thursday, June 19, 2008


Just some notes on the week so far.
Dad is still in the hospital. Hopefully there will be news today on the results of the colonoscopy which finally was done yesterday. Trish has been keeping me updated. I await news with the uneasiness which seems to fall over me the second I hear that Dad is not doing well. At his age, one would expect these things, but it still grips me and will not let go.
LM is very busy this week as he begins committee meetings on his fishing legislation today, and he has spent considerable time trying to get John assimilated back into the mainstream. Not too much has been accomplished yet. We visited briefly at lunch yesterday before he hurried off to decrease his long "to do" list. SWEET! Amidst it all, he manages to send me little notes to remind me of our love and support me while I wait news.
In an effort to steady myself, I walked last night as the sun was beginning to set. It was nice not to have to drive to a place to walk. Just went out the door and down a lovely quiet residential street which ended at a town landing from which I could look back toward the village, count the steeples against the beautiful early evening sky, lit by the low sun and seeming to glow. As always, I had a bit of rejuvenation from this time in nature. There were pretty gardens along the way and a green heron balanced on a wire watching me pass before flying off to gleen in the green marsh. There was a lovely cottage on that walk. It used to have an old quarterboard above the door which said "Diana" and it was just quaint and so "Cape Cod". Now it has been completely rebuilt and the sign is gone. I reluctantly admitted to myself that the re-build is nice and the view to the back, over a small marsh is lovely. Sometimes change is so hard to see.
Someone else along the walk has created a garden which contains an American flag made of seaclam shells, some left white, some painted red and blue. Very clever and "Capey". There were lovely peonies to stop and sniff and admire.
For a time, this walk took away the veil of sadness and worry.

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