Friday, June 20, 2008

Sustained by Cuteness

The latest shipment of Florida cuteness comes in time to sort of distract me as I await news on Dad. He is fairly unresponsive, in the hospital and his tests revealed no cause for the heavy bleeding on Tuesday. It seems the state he is in is related to the kidney failure, and Dad had chosen many months ago to not receive treatment for that but to let nature take its course. So we wait. Will he rally, as he has done in the past? Will this, his 96th year, be the end of his journey with us? As much as we are all so thankful for all the time we have had with him, I am not ready to let go of my Dad. He has been a best friend to me all my life; my favorite date with whom to share the beauty of the world, the quirky, and the commonness in everyday, and all the news.

Sleep escapes me and I am waiting for 5 am so I can respectably go for a walk , talk to the dawn and gleen some peace from the beauty around me. Not sure if I can even see it this morning. My brain feels like it is immersed in a fog of worry and every other issue pressing is thickening that fog. This will be a very long day. After work, I am driving to Providence to pick-up LM at the airport. He is driving to southern NJ this morning to deliver a car and will fly back via Philadelphia. After I gather him up, I am hoping we can drive to the hospital to see Dad. LM will have had a very long day, as well.

This has been a most beautiful week here and I am grateful for the soft and beautiful air which has given us lovely evenings lit by the early summer sun. Hoping that sun is also shining on you.

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