Monday, June 9, 2008

Slow Motion

We have been plunged into a major heatwave here.....last week I was wearing my down vest to work with heavy sox and closed shoes! I feel like my mind has slowed to a crawl and I cannot get out of my own way! We got all the fans out and set up yesterday and I am resisting putting in the AC. See how long that lasts!

The weekend was low key and very nice. LM and I shared a rare very lazy and enjoyable Saturday morning. We planned a nice dinner for Saturday night and invited his friend, Bob, to join us, after which, we shared an evening walk through the old-village area of Chatham. It had actually, as it is want to do here by the sea, cooled down enough that we needed sweatshirts. As we walked the quiet streets, we had beautiful gardens and views to enjoy and, as always, we felt as though we we had been transported back to the turn of the century. After a tourist/summer resident-filled Memorial Day weekend, the town is very quiet in June, as people are busy with graduations and weddings, but within a few weeks we will feel the summer-effect as the streets come to a crawl and at 9pm every sidewalk is filled with visitors. Hopefully, the gas prices will not deter the process this year as, aside from fishing, tourism is our economic base.

Yesterday found us up and out of the house early into the sweltering heat to visit LM's son....our last visit EVER, we hope, at the Barnstable County Jail. J has been there one year, and it has been a very hard year on his Dad. It was for an offense which harmed no one, physically anyway, and the punishment seems to have been effective. He will come out next Saturday and we are trying to gear ourselves up to help him assimilate back into society. There are numerous challenges as he has no job, no driver's license and no funds and is only 19. We are thinking positively and will take it one day at a time. J is a tall, handsome, well-spoken and smart young man, talented artistically who made several bad choices. I have always been very fond of J, having known him since he was very young. He has always been resourceful and now we hope those skills will help him to build a life. He has a game plan, and we are here to guide and encourage. It almost seems appropriate that the heat has slowed us down a bit, as helping J will require a lot of patience as we need to step back a bit and let him use his plan and his resources, although they are few, to put his life back together. A tough test for parents.

Kitten and beautiful granddaughter pictures later!! Trying to get my slo-mo morning in gear to go to work!!

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