Sunday, June 1, 2008

One of Those Days

The weekend is about over and I was gifted with a Sunday which was a dream day....nothing spectacular happened but it is the way the day felt from the very start...I woke up naturally at 6 a.m., the house was enshrouded in heavy fog and humid air and I just felt GOOD. It was the first time in ages when I was pain free and emotionally even. I enjoyed a simple breakfast (my favorite cottage cheese topped with homemade applesauce and cinnamon and a cup of green tea). I was on the road headed to see Dad and my grandson, Matthew, by 8 am. Of course, everytime I head off-Cape, I have a list of errands to accomplish which cannot be done on the Cape and today everything was just a pleasure and easily accomplished with no rushing. By the time I crossed the bridge leading off-Cape, the sun was shining and I was having a delightful phone conversation with my love as he drove to the middle of the state to lobby further for his recreational fishermen's registry. Everything just seemed beautiful right down to the wind in my hair, the sun on my face and love in my heart.
The visit with Dad was wonderful and we toured his favorite places by the ocean, sharing them with Matthew, then had a lovely lunch overlooking the water. Sharing Dad's memories with Matthew and an interesting dicussion of ancient myths.
On the way home, I stopped to buy a blue hosta for LM's friend Bob (he has a really nice garden he enjoys tending) and stopped by to deliver it and spend a little time with LM, was so upbeat, loving and fun and as I drove away he stood in the driveway throwing me a kiss.....ah, yes, all a bit corny but nonetheless indicative of the day.
When I got home my neighbor was out looking at her new car. I have lived here for 4 years and she has never spoken despite my efforts, today after I said that I loved her new car, we had a really nice conversation and exchanged names....amazing. She too, spent years caring for elderly parents!
So I happily came in the house, did a little baking, had the luxury of time to read the Sunday paper, and organize things for the week ahead. The more I think about the day, the more I think it is all in attitude. It is a choice to have this kind of day.......I thought I better save this day by writing about it.....someone please remind me of how good it can feel next time I start whining about "problems" in my life. It could have been different, as yesterday LM and I disagreed on a matter relating to his daughter. It was a very civil but strong disagreement and we worked it out so nicely. It was a first but I felt so respected and actually comforted by the way it was resolved.
He is a genuinely kind man and I am honored to love him. Something tells me that today was such a good day because some air was cleared and LM and I learned a little more about each other by virtue of disagreement. I loved that the problem was solved without ever going off the subject or making hurtful accusations.
Time for sleep and to give thanks for this day, the last 24 hrs, I would say!

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