Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not Always as Planned, Sometimes Nicer!

Some scenes from Father's Day at my brother's home:
Trish's beautiful Alium, pink spirea and hydrangeas coming along near the front steps

LM and his girls

Sam, Kristi (his number one fan) and Trish

We had planned Father's Day differently, but everything changed at the last minute and it was just perfect. We headed out early to collect LM's children. Newly free J, unfortunately could not be located in time but turned out he was fine with friends and we connected at the end of the day and he spent the night with us in Chatham, sleeping in a soft and comfy bed for the first time in a year, and I KNOW his Dad was very relieved to be under the same roof with him, if only for one night.
After a stop to visit with my son & DIL's cat, Sting,(they were in NH visiting her father) we headed out in the deluge to my brother's and to spend the day with my Dad. It was lovely and Dad, at nearly 96, was in great spirits and enjoyed the wonderful dinner we all shared. LM's daughter, Kristi was a big help and, as always, just loves being around my brother, Sam, and he is so sweet with her.
After coming back to the Cape, we got the girls home and went to find J to spend time with him. He looks great and was quite tired after walking a lot of the day and just enjoying being outside. FINALLY, we brought him back to my house and we had time to visit, and make J comfy. He was facing a big day Monday having to report for probation and many other tasks which will help him rebuild his life. LM got him set up with a cell phone and helped with paperwork. It seems very daunting and I am worried for LM's endurance. LM is working today so J is reliant on others for help. We are holding our breath, envisioning him finding a job and being able to secure housing someplace near. It is very tentative for these young offenders. They are put back into the mainstream without a single word of assistance, help or encouragement. Certainly the jail called "Department of CORRECTIONS FACILITY" is a misnomer. There was not a word of counseling offered during the entire year. Parents have no rights, either. Very sad. On the plus side, J is very devoted to working out and eating healthy and did spend a lot of time studying ways to nurture fitness.

Meanwhile, I was back to work and had a crazy day, only to come home to an e-mail from Trish telling me Dad has been admitted to the hospital with severe rectal bleeding. It was an awful scene. He has been admitted and will undergo an endoscopy this morning to determine the origin of the bleeding. At least he is safe and not alone. Poor Trish had quite an ordeal, though. She truly is an angel in our midst for all the loving care and patience she shows with Dad...constantly on call for his care and driving him to appointments, and interminable ER waiting. She has a way of creating beauty wherever she is, though, and is apparent in the garden glimpses in the above photos. Her garden is just magnificent right now. I missed getting a good shot of her pond, waterfall and bridge which she has created over the course of years. Sunday her peonies were just amazing, although a bit tumbled over by the heavy rains. Her roses were profuse as well.
Off to work....Dad's condition tugging at my soul, and J's welfare at my nerves.

Update on Dad: He will have a colonoscopy at 4 pm today. Trish is standing-by. More later.

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