Friday, June 13, 2008

Landmark Day and then Some!

What a happy and wonderful day this has evolved ibecome. J is free - nearly blinded by the brilliant daylight - and so happy to be reunited with his family, especially his wonderful Dad whom he almost lost in February. J called me and we had a great conversation and we cannot wait to see each other later this evening. Also, tomorrow we have all been invited to celebrate Father's Day with my brother and family and my Dad will join us. What a great day it will be!!

The Farmer's Mkt was amazing this morning, even though it is mostly plants, flowers, greens and handmade things at this early summer point. I got an amazing big bag of spicy greens which included mustard greens, arugula and assorted baby lettuces. Came home and had a nice bowl full.
Got chives and "scapes" which are curly green garlic tops and will be a nice addition to pasta.
I was also able to get some perfect Georgia peaches and sweet Washington State cherries, as well as indulge (it's the weekend, of course) in an artisan loaf of apple raisin bread.

Oh, and after the little shopping trip, I did come home to find Ms. G still curled up on my unmade bed and I DID climb in and have a nap with her...BLISS.
At this moment 8:30 am June 14 , LM's only son, J (19) is being released after serving his one year jail term. I am happy for all of us as the stress, expense and loss has been really hard to endure. We now step in to an unknown. Will J be able to build a life, find a job, a place to live, etc.? J's Mom picked him up and will take him shopping for clothes then bring him to be with LM at the Cape Cod Salties' Fishing clubs's "Learn to Fish Day". At some point they will make their way to Chatham and me and I will finally get to hug J for the first time.
As much as I try to live in the moment and have faith in LM and our love, common sense says this will be another huge test for us. It is a beautiful day and the first time J will feel sunshine on his skin in 1 yr! He will have so many emotions to feel today, we all do. I am stepping back a bit, taking the day to myself to do some things I rarely have time to do, rest, bake something for our little Father's Day gathering tomorrow and go to the Farmer's Mkt. First of the season and oh how I relish eating locally here!

This week found me spending a lot of time putting my house in order. When I start cleaning out my clothes closet, it always means I am wrestling my mind around something. It helped a bit and the closet looks great, but there remain jumbles in my thinking, and I am strangely detached. Seems to be how I cope.

On other notes:
In an effort to get out of myself, I went to a wonderful play Thursday night with my dear friend, Nick. We saw "Intimate Apparel" at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater's new Julie Harris Stage. It is a beautiful venue and we thoroughly enjoyed the thought provoking, well-acted play. Dinner beforehand at "Finely JP's" was awesome in their beautiful new space. Nick is such a dear friend. I am fortunate to work with such nice people. Nick is an actor, director, set designer and also one of the kindest, most caring people I know. His wife, Mary, was dear to share him with me for the evening!

LM had an eventful day yesterday as the news about the coming enforcement of a federal registry for salt water fisherman hit the big newspapers and LM spent the morning on the phone, on radio, TV etc to explain why enacting a state registry would negate the federal mandate and actually be of benefit to the fisheries in MA. Next week a committee to go forward with the state legislation will convene and LM will sit on that board.

That's it from my world today....Ms. G is curled in a tight ball of fur on my unmade bed....she barely lifted an ear as I stopped to bury my face in her sweetness to kiss her. Happy girl!
Also, it is peony time here and they are beautiful everywhere...roses about to be at peak, too.

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Beverly said...

Hello! That Samantha is sure a cutie, she looks like a doll in the blue...

Hope you and your family have a great Fathers Day...